Youkilis shaves off goatee for $5,000 donation to charity

BOSTON -- What's next, Curt Schilling shaving his legs?

The Boston Red Sox continued their odd tradition of
post-championship grooming Tuesday when first baseman Kevin Youkilis shaved off his goatee for a $5,000 donation to his
charity, youkskids.org. The public haircut came three seasons after
outfielder Johnny Damon ditched his caveman look for charity in the
Back Bay, with giant TV screens to give the throngs a better view.

Youkilis was shaved by two blonde stylists from a local salon at
the Cask 'n Flagon, a bar across the street from Fenway Park. Nine
TV cameras captured the moment -- including one that broadcast a
live shot ("The shaving is under way, as you can see") -- with
their trucks parked outside to beam the images to a grateful

Master of ceremonies Greg Hill of local radio station WAAF
compared Youkilis' goatee to other great hair in local lore,
including Carl Yastrzemski's sideburns, Larry Bird's mustache and
Manny Ramirez's cornrows.

"By far, the most memorable piece of body hair in Boston sports
history," Hill said, neglecting to mention Damon's beard, which
came off in a charity stunt in 2005 before he left the Red Sox to
sign with the rival New York Yankees.

Youkilis said he would re-grow the goatee in the offseason and
maybe even cut it off again if the Red Sox win another World Series
in 2008. "Hopefully, we'll do this again next year," he said.

Youkilis claimed ignorance about whether third baseman Mike Lowell would re-sign with the team, but he had heard that Josh Beckett finished second in AL Cy Young Award voting to Cleveland's
C.C. Sabathia.

"It's disappointing, but Josh has the World Series," Youkilis
said. "I'm sure C.C. would rather win the World Series than have
the Cy Young."