Pettitte's new lawyer represented Sosa at 2005 steroids hearing

NEW YORK -- Andy Pettitte retained a new lawyer for his
upcoming appearance before a congressional committee and will be
represented by Pittsburgh attorney Jay Reisinger.

Pettitte, Roger Clemens and Chuck Knoblauch, the three players
invited to testify Jan. 16 before the House Committee on Oversight
and Government Reform, all share the same agents, Randy and Alan
Hendricks. Clemens is being represented on drug matters by Houston
lawyer Rusty Hardin.

Reisinger represented Sammy Sosa when he testified before the
same committee three years ago.

Brian McNamee, the former trainer for Clemens and Pettitte, also
has been asked to testify along with former Mets clubhouse
attendant Kirk Radomski. McNamee told baseball investigator George
Mitchell that he injected Clemens with steroids and human growth
hormone -- some of it obtained from Radomski.

Pettitte has acknowledged twice receiving HGH shots from