Rep. Davis of '05 steroid hearings won't seek re-election

1/30/2008 - MLB

WASHINGTON -- The lawmaker who presided over the 2005 House
hearing with Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro is leaving Congress.

Virginia Republican Tom Davis won't seek re-election, he
announced Wednesday, two weeks before Roger Clemens and his former
personal trainer are to testify before the House Oversight and
Government Reform Committee. Davis is the committee's ranking
minority member.

He led the panel three years ago when it held a series of
hearings that helped prompt baseball to toughen its drug testing
and penalties. That included an 11-hour session on March 17, 2005,
best remembered for McGwire's repeated phrase, "I am not here to
talk about the past."

The 59-year-old Davis, a moderate Republican who has represented
the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington since 1995, said in a
statement that "the time is right to take a sabbatical from public

He plans to serve the remainder of his term.