Cubs chairman says no special instructions for bleachers

Updated: May 28, 2008, 8:51 PM ET
Associated Press

CHICAGO -- Cubs chairman Crane Kenney said Wednesday the team did not tell security personnel in the left field bleachers to crack down on fans who might boo or harass struggling outfielder Alfonso Soriano.

Soriano dropped a fly ball in the ninth inning Sunday in Pittsburgh, helping the Pirates rally to a victory. One season ticket holder told the Chicago Tribune that crowd control personnel told fans Monday they were instructed by supervisors to use a no-tolerance policy for anyone cursing at Soriano, or harassing him.

"The rules have not changed in the ballpark, which have consistently been booing is part of the game and anything related to booing. But profanity and anything racial is not allowed, regardless of where it happens in the ballpark," Kenney said before Wednesday night's game.

"What I'm hearing from our security staff is that the booing hasn't been significant nor has anyone been talked to. So I'm not really sure where this issue comes up."

Kenney said there have been no problems in the bleachers.

"We did not admonish our security guards to be more watchful of it, nor did we have any ejections nor did we really have any issues," he said. "We did not advise our security guards to change their behavior at all after the Pittsburgh series nor are we aware of any incidents of ejections or anyone even being disciplined."

Kenney said that recently acquired Jim Edmonds was booed much louder this week than Soriano.

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