2008 Trade Scorecard

Originally Published: July 31, 2008

Read Keith Law's analysis of each major trade that happens in July leading up to the July 31 trade deadline. (Players are listed next to their new teams.) For more on all trades in 2008, check out Baseball America's Trade Central 2008.


OF Manny Ramirez
$7 million

OF Jason Bay

OF Brandon Moss
RHP Craig Hansen
3B Andy LaRoche
RHP Bryan Morris
Keith Law says ...
If Ramirez stops mailing in various at-bats and hits toward the right tail end of his abilities, the Dodgers will have made a quick two-win upgrade in exchange for a good player they weren't going to use and a quality prospect, without having to add to their payroll. … More Insider
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LHP Arthur Rhodes

RHP Gaby Hernandez
Keith Law says ...
The Mariners got a great buy-low opportunity on a prospect by picking up Gaby Hernandez for lefty Arthur Rhodes. Hernandez works with a solid-average fastball, touching 94 mph. … More Insider
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OF Ken Griffey Jr.

RHP Nick Masset
INF Danny Richar
Keith Law says ...
The trade of Ken Griffey Jr. is almost a straight salary dump for the Reds, and gives the White Sox an offensive boost while hurting their outfield defense. … More Insider
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C Ivan Rodriguez

RHP Kyle Farnsworth
Keith Law says ...
Dealing from relative strength (since the Yankees' bullpen has been strong over the past month) to acquire a big offensive upgrade in Ivan Rodriguez makes sense. … More Insider
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1B Mark Teixeira

1B Casey Kotchman
RHP Stephen Marek
Keith Law says ...
The Angels get exactly what they need in Mark Teixeira -- an impact bat who will add power, patience and a legitimate threat against the super pitching they'll face in October. … More Insider
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3B Casey Blake

RHP Jon Meloan
C Carlos Santana
Keith Law says ...
Blake's problem -- and now the Dodgers' -- is that he's a statue at third base; he's OK on balls hit right to him, but he offers very little lateral range. Add him to an infield that already has pillar-of-salt Jeff Kent at second base, and Derek Lowe might have cause to sue. … More Insider
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OF Xavier Nady
LHP Damaso Marte

RHP Ross Ohlendorf
RF Jose Tabata
RHP Jeff Karstens
RHP Daniel McCutchen
Keith Law says ...
The best sign in this deal is that the Pirates didn't place some ridiculous value on finishing over .500 this year and breaking their streak of losing seasons. Instead, they broke with the Dave Littlefield pattern of never bringing down their trade demands and failing to flip players for prospects at the trade deadline and consummated a deal. … More Insider | Complete story
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RHP Jon Rauch

2B Emilio Bonifacio
Keith Law says ...
Jon Rauch succeeds largely because he has plus command and control. He'll need to be even more precise with his fastball location since he's moving to one of the best hitters' parks in baseball in Arizona. ... More Insider | Complete story | Team pages: Diamondbacks | Nationals


2B Ray Durham

LHP Steve Hammond
OF Darren Ford
Keith Law says ...
Ray Durham has bounced back from an atrocious 2007 to "useful" status in '08, getting on base well without showing the fluky power he had in '06. He's a high-contact hitter with a short swing geared to maximize plate coverage. ... More Insider | Complete story | Team pages: Brewers | Giants


RHP Joe Blanton

2B Adrian Cardenas
LHP Josh Outman
OF Matt Spencer
Keith Law says ...
Joe Blanton isn't a great bet for long-term success in Philadelphia. He isn't a ground-ball pitcher, so his moderate home run totals are likely to spike as he leaves the huge confines of Oakland for the smaller park in Philly. ... More Insider | Complete story | Team pages: Phillies | A's


RHP Rich Harden
RHP Chad Gaudin

RHP Sean Gallagher
OF Matt Murton
2B/OF Eric Patterson
C Josh Donaldson
Keith Law says ...
When he's 100 percent, Rich Harden is an ace, a potential No. 1 starter with dominant stuff who can miss bats. ... What Oakland gets is an unexciting package of "stuff," but several players of value. ... More Insider | Complete story | Team pages: Cubs | A's


LHP CC Sabathia

OF Matt LaPorta
RHP Rob Bryson
LHP Zach Jackson
Player to be named
Keith Law says ...
By acquiring CC Sabathia, the Brewers might have the best starting pitcher in the National League. No NL starter can match Sabathia's combination of stuff and results, except perhaps Johan Santana. ... More Insider | Complete story | Team pages: Brewers | Indians