Macha optimistic about future

MILWAUKEE -- Ken Macha already is involved in discussions about the Milwaukee Brewers' future -- and he expects to be a part of it.

Macha said before Saturday's game against Philadelphia that he has had "positive" discussions with general manager Doug Melvin and is comfortable with the situation.

And Macha said he's committed to the job.

"If I'm the guy here, I'll be doing my best," Macha said.

But Macha stopped short of saying he has been told definitively he'll be back next season.

Brewers principal owner Mark Attanasio said the decision is up to Melvin.

"I know he and Ken met, and I do think they had a good meeting," Attanasio said. "But I don't know if Doug has made the decision."

Macha has a year left on his two-year deal, but teams often avoid putting managers in the position of trying to lead players without some measure of long-term job security.

The Brewers have not yet announced an extension for Macha.

"Doug is considering that as well," Attanasio said. "But we're mindful of the fact that we've seen guys like Joe Torre and Jim Leyland manage successfully on that basis. Just trying to factor all that in."

Macha knows anything can happen in baseball.

"Stranger things have happened," he said. "I want what's best for the club."

Macha said Melvin has included him in internal discussions about player evaluation and offseason strategy. Macha added that he has been out looking for a new place to live in the Milwaukee area.

Attanasio did not put a timeline on Melvin's decision.

"On the manager and all the coaches, I've told Doug it's his call, and Doug Melvin is a very thorough man," Attanasio said. "I was up in his office the other day, and he's got pages and pages and pages of handwritten notes. So I'm sure the assessment will be well thought out."

Handcuffed by unreliable pitching and injuries, the Brewers came into Saturday two games under .500. They've been eliminated from the postseason one year after they made the playoffs for the first time since 1982.

But last year's success has paid off at the box office this year. The Brewers expected to reach the 3 million mark in attendance Saturday night.