Brad Mills, Brad Arnsberg ejected

MILWAUKEE -- Both Houston Astros manager Brad Mills and pitching coach Brad Arnsberg have been ejected in the second inning of Friday night's game with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Astros pitcher Nelson Figueroa walked the first two batters in the inning and Arnsberg came to the mound to settle his right-hander.

Plate umpire Paul Schrieber went out to break up the meeting. As Arnsberg walked back toward the dugout, Schrieber ejected him and Arnsberg got into the umpire's face, pointing at him with his left index finger.

Crew chief and second-base umpire Joe West came to split up the pair and Mills came out as well. As Arnsberg left, West approached Mills and ejected him, though the conversation lasted a couple more minutes and wasn't overly animated.