Nolan Reimold Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through September 28, 2014 Year to Date
Mar 31vs BOSW 2-1Did not play
Apr 2vs BOSL 6-2Did not play
Apr 3vs BOSL 4-3Did not play
Apr 4@ DETL 10-4Did not play
Apr 5@ DETL 7-6Did not play
Apr 6@ DETW 3-1Did not play
 Previously with BAL, Acquired by TOR
Jul 7@ LAAL 5-230000000000.
Jul 8@ LAAW 4-040220000100.286.571.857.286
Jul 9@ LAAL 8-740210031000.417.6361.053.364
Jul 11@ TBW 8-510000001100.429.5831.012.333
Jul 12@ TBL 10-3Did not play
Jul 13@ TBL 3-0Did not play
Jul 18vs TEXL 5-1Did not play
Jul 19vs TEXW 4-1Did not play
Jul 20vs TEXW 9-6Did not play
Jul 21vs BOSL 14-1Did not play
Jul 22vs BOSW 7-3Did not play
Jul 23vs BOSW 6-4Did not play
Jul 24vs BOSW 8-0Did not play
Jul 25@ NYYL 6-4Did not play
Jul 26@ NYYW 6-4Did not play
Jul 27@ NYYW 5-4Did not play
Jul 28@ BOSW 14-1Did not play
Jul 29@ BOSW 4-2Did not play
Jul 30@ BOSW 6-110000000100.400.538.938.308
Jul 31@ HOUW 6-542200220100.421.8821.303.353
Monthly Totals 172630252400.421.8821.303.353
Aug 1@ HOUL 3-140100000100.391.7621.153.333
Aug 2@ HOUL 8-220000010100.346.6961.042.304
Aug 3@ HOUL 6-1Did not play
Aug 5vs BALL 9-310000001100.357.6671.024.292
Aug 6vs BALW 5-141100000200.344.607.951.286
Aug 7vs BALL 2-120000001100.343.567.910.267
Aug 8vs DETL 5-4Did not play
Aug 9vs DETW 3-220110010100.351.594.945.281
Aug 10vs DETW 6-570000002500.326.487.813.231
Aug 11@ SEAL 11-120000000200.313.463.776.220
Aug 12@ SEAL 6-300000010000.306.463.769.220
Aug 13@ SEAL 2-0Did not play
Aug 15@ CHWL 11-5Did not play
Aug 16@ CHWW 6-330200010010.327.477.804.250
Aug 17@ CHWL 7-510000000000.321.467.788.244
Aug 19@ MILL 6-110000000000.315.457.772.239
Aug 20@ MILW 9-510000000100.309.447.756.234
Aug 22vs TBL 8-030000000200.293.420.713.220
Aug 23vs TBW 5-4Did not play
Aug 24vs TBL 2-120000000100.283.404.687.212
Aug 25vs BOSL 4-300000000000.283.404.687.212
 Previously with TOR, Acquired by ARI
Aug 30vs COLL 2-040200000100.500.5001.000.500
Aug 31vs COLW 6-211100120000.6001.2001.800.600
Monthly Totals 4028101641910.261.300.561.200
Sep 1@ SDL 3-140000000400.333.6671.000.333
Sep 2@ SDL 2-1Did not play
Sep 3@ SDW 6-1Did not play
Sep 4@ SDW 5-1Did not play
Sep 5@ LADL 2-1Did not play
Sep 6@ LADL 5-240110000300.308.615.923.308
Sep 7@ LADL 7-2Did not play
Sep 9@ SFL 5-1Did not play
Sep 10@ SFL 5-0Did not play
Sep 11@ SFL 6-230000000200.250.500.750.250
Sep 12vs SDL 6-511100010000.294.529.823.294
Sep 13vs SDW 10-4Did not play
Sep 14vs SDW 8-6Did not play
Sep 15vs SFW 6-2Did not play
Sep 16vs SFL 2-1Did not play
Sep 17vs SFL 4-2Did not play
Sep 18@ COLL 7-6Did not play
Sep 19@ COLL 15-300000010000.278.529.807.294
Sep 20@ COLL 5-1Did not play
Sep 21@ COLL 8-3Did not play
Sep 22@ MINW 6-2Did not play
Sep 23@ MINL 6-3Did not play
Sep 24@ MINL 2-1Did not play
Sep 26vs STLL 7-6Did not play
Sep 27vs STLW 5-2Did not play
Sep 28vs STLL 1-0Did not play
Monthly Totals 121210020900.154.250.404.167
Data provided by Elias Sports Bureau