Drew Butera Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through August 2, 2015 Year to Date
Apr 6@ SEAL 4-1Did not play
Apr 7@ SEAW 2-0Did not play
Apr 8@ SEAW 5-3Did not play
Apr 10vs KCL 4-2Did not play
Apr 11vs KCL 6-421100000000.500.5001.000.500
Apr 12vs KCL 9-210000000000.333.333.666.333
Apr 13@ TEXW 6-3Did not play
Apr 14@ TEXL 8-200000000000.333.333.666.333
Apr 15@ TEXW 10-2Did not play
Apr 17@ HOUW 6-3Did not play
Apr 18@ HOUL 4-0Did not play
Apr 19@ HOUL 4-320100000001.400.400.800.400
Apr 20vs OAKL 6-3Did not play
Apr 21vs OAKW 14-100000000000.400.400.800.400
Apr 22vs OAKL 9-2Did not play
Apr 23vs OAKW 2-031000000000.250.250.500.250
Apr 24vs TEXW 3-2Did not play
Apr 25vs TEXW 4-130000000100.182.182.364.182
Apr 26vs TEXL 5-4Did not play
Apr 28@ OAKL 6-230100000100.214.214.428.214
Apr 29@ OAKW 6-3Did not play
Apr 30@ OAKW 6-541100000000.222.222.444.222
Monthly Totals 183400000201.222.222.444.222
May 1@ SFL 3-2Did not play
May 2@ SFL 5-430000000000.190.190.380.190
May 3@ SFL 5-0Did not play
 Previously with LAA, Acquired by KC
May 8@ DETL 6-5Did not play
May 9@ DETW 6-230000010000.167.167.334.167
May 10@ DETW 2-1Did not play
May 11@ TEXL 8-2Did not play
May 12@ TEXW 7-6Did not play
May 13@ TEXL 5-2Did not play
May 14@ TEXW 6-331210000000.222.259.481.222
May 15vs NYYW 12-110000000000.214.250.464.214
May 16vs NYYL 5-1Did not play
May 17vs NYYW 6-0Did not play
May 19vs CINW 3-0Did not play
May 20vs CINW 7-1Did not play
May 22vs STLW 5-0Did not play
May 23vs STLW 3-2Did not play
May 24vs STLL 6-110000000100.207.241.448.207
May 25@ NYYL 14-140000000100.182.212.394.182
May 26@ NYYL 5-1Did not play
May 27@ NYYL 4-2Did not play
May 29@ CHCW 8-4Did not play
May 31@ CHCL 2-1Did not play
Monthly Totals 151210010200.133.200.333.133
Jun 2vs CLEL 2-100000000000.182.212.394.182
Jun 3vs CLEW 4-230000000200.167.194.361.167
Jun 4vs CLEL 6-2Did not play
Jun 5vs TEXL 4-0Did not play
Jun 6vs TEXL 4-2Did not play
Jun 7vs TEXW 4-3Did not play
Jun 8@ MINW 3-1Did not play
Jun 9@ MINW 2-0Did not play
Jun 10@ MINW 7-2Did not play
Jun 12@ STLL 4-0Did not play
Jun 13@ STLL 3-200000000000.167.194.361.167
Jun 15@ MILW 8-500000000000.167.194.361.167
Jun 16@ MILW 7-2Did not play
Jun 17vs MILW 10-200000000000.167.194.361.167
Jun 18vs MILW 3-2Did not play
Jun 19vs BOSL 7-310000000100.162.189.351.162
Jun 20vs BOSW 7-4Did not play
Jun 21vs BOSL 13-241100000000.171.195.366.171
Jun 22@ SEAW 4-1Did not play
Jun 23@ SEAL 7-0Did not play
Jun 24@ SEAW 8-2Did not play
Jun 26@ OAKW 5-2Did not play
Jun 27@ OAKW 3-2Did not play
Jun 28@ OAKW 5-3Did not play
Jun 29@ HOUL 6-1Did not play
Jun 30@ HOUL 4-030100000100.182.205.387.182
Monthly Totals 111200000400.182.182.364.182
Jul 1@ HOUL 6-5Did not play
Jul 2vs MINL 2-0Did not play
Jul 3vs MINW 3-200000000000.182.205.387.182
Jul 4vs MINL 5-3Did not play
Jul 5vs MINW 3-230100010100.191.213.404.191
Jul 7vs TBW 9-531000000000.196.200.396.180
Jul 7vs TBW 7-1Did not play
Jul 8vs TBW 9-7Did not play
Jul 9vs TBW 8-3Did not play
Jul 10vs TORW 3-0Did not play
Jul 11vs TORL 6-230100000100.204.208.412.189
Jul 12vs TORW 11-10Did not play
Jul 17@ CHWW 4-240100000100.207.211.418.193
Jul 17@ CHWL 2-0Did not play
Jul 18@ CHWW 7-6Did not play
Jul 19@ CHWW 4-1Did not play
Jul 20vs PITL 10-7Did not play
Jul 21vs PITW 3-1Did not play
Jul 22vs PITW 5-1Did not play
Jul 23@ STLL 4-3Did not play
Jul 24vs HOUL 4-030000000200.197.200.397.183
Jul 25vs HOUW 2-1Did not play
Jul 26vs HOUW 5-130100000100.203.206.409.190
Jul 27@ CLEW 9-4Did not play
Jul 28@ CLEW 2-1Did not play
Jul 29@ CLEL 12-130000000000.194.197.391.182
Jul 30@ TORL 5-2Did not play
Jul 31@ TORL 7-6Did not play
Monthly Totals 221400010600.217.182.399.182
Aug 1@ TORW 7-6Did not play
Aug 2@ TORL 5-2Did not play
Data provided by Elias Sports Bureau