Jordan Pacheco Game-by-Game Stats

Regular Season Games through July 9, 2014 Year to Date
Mar 31@ MIAL 10-1Did not play
Apr 1@ MIAL 4-3Did not play
Apr 2@ MIAW 6-541300010100.750.7501.500.750
Apr 3@ MIAL 8-5Did not play
Apr 4vs ARIW 12-2Did not play
Apr 5vs ARIW 9-440110010000.500.6251.125.500
Apr 6vs ARIL 5-3Did not play
Apr 7vs CHWW 8-1Did not play
Apr 8vs CHWL 15-300000000000.500.6251.125.500
Apr 9vs CHWW 10-4Did not play
Apr 11@ SFL 6-531110001100.500.6361.136.455
Apr 12@ SFW 1-0Did not play
Apr 13@ SFL 5-4Did not play
Apr 14@ SDL 5-4Did not play
Apr 15@ SDW 3-2Did not play
Apr 16@ SDL 4-220000001100.467.5381.005.385
Apr 17@ SDW 3-1Did not play
Apr 18vs PHIW 12-1Did not play
Apr 19vs PHIW 3-1Did not play
Apr 20vs PHIL 10-940101000200.450.5881.038.353
Apr 21vs SFW 8-2Did not play
Apr 22vs SFW 2-1Did not play
Apr 23vs SFL 12-10Did not play
Apr 25@ LADW 5-4Did not play
Apr 26@ LADL 6-3Did not play
Apr 27@ LADW 6-140000000100.375.476.851.286
Apr 28@ ARIW 8-540110010200.357.480.837.280
Apr 29@ ARIW 5-440000000100.313.414.727.241
Apr 30@ ARIL 5-440110000000.306.424.730.242
Monthly Totals 332841032900.306.424.730.242
May 1vs NYMW 7-4Did not play
May 2vs NYMW 10-3Did not play
May 3vs NYMW 11-1031200010000.325.444.769.278
May 4vs NYML 5-1Did not play
May 5vs TEXW 8-240000000100.295.400.695.250
May 6vs TEXW 12-140210011000.327.432.759.273
May 7@ TEXW 9-2Did not play
May 8@ TEXL 5-030000001100.321.404.725.255
May 9@ CINL 4-340000000000.298.373.671.235
May 10@ CINW 11-250210000000.306.393.699.250
May 11@ CINL 4-1Did not play
May 13@ KCL 5-130000000200.292.373.665.237
May 14@ KCL 3-2Did not play
May 16vs SDW 3-141100010000.290.365.655.238
May 17vs SDL 8-540100010100.288.358.646.239
May 18vs SDW 8-6Did not play
May 20vs SFW 5-4Did not play
May 21vs SFL 5-1Did not play
May 22vs SF 2-2Did not play
May 23@ ATLL 3-230100010000.289.357.646.243
May 24@ ATLW 3-1Did not play
May 25@ ATLL 7-0Did not play
May 26@ PHIL 9-000000000000.289.357.646.243
May 27@ PHIW 6-2Did not play
May 28@ PHIL 6-3Did not play
May 30@ CLEL 5-2Did not play
May 31@ CLEL 7-6Did not play
Monthly Totals 372920052500.275.297.572.243
Jun 1@ CLEL 6-420000002100.300.347.647.236
Jun 3vs ARIL 4-2Did not play
 Previously with COL, Acquired by ARI
Jun 12@ HOUL 5-4Did not play
Jun 13@ LADL 4-310000000000.296.342.638.233
Jun 14@ LADL 6-410100000000.305.351.656.243
Jun 15@ LADW 6-310000000000.301.347.648.240
Jun 16vs MILL 9-3Did not play
Jun 17vs MILL 7-5Did not play
Jun 18vs MILW 4-3Did not play
Jun 19vs MILL 4-110100000000.310.355.665.250
Jun 20vs SFW 4-110000000000.306.351.657.247
Jun 21vs SFL 6-411110000000.314.372.686.256
Jun 22vs SFL 4-111000000000.310.367.677.253
Jun 24vs CLEW 9-810000000000.307.363.670.250
Jun 25vs CLEL 6-1Did not play
Jun 27@ SDW 2-1Did not play
Jun 28@ SDW 3-1Did not play
Jun 29@ SDL 2-1Did not play
Monthly Totals 102310002100.417.400.817.300
Jul 1@ PITL 3-2Did not play
Jul 2@ PITL 5-1Did not play
Jul 3@ PITW 10-2Did not play
Jul 4@ ATLL 5-2Did not play
Jul 5@ ATLL 10-4Did not play
Jul 6@ ATLW 3-1Did not play
Jul 7vs MIAW 9-1Did not play
Jul 8vs MIAL 2-1Did not play
Jul 9vs MIAW 4-3Did not play
Data provided by Elias Sports Bureau