Sound off on the Blue Jays


The last time the Blue Jays won the World Series (1993), the world looked a whole lot different: Bill Clinton was president of the United States, Prince had changed his name to a symbol and Mike Piazza was NL Rookie of the Year.

Now Hilary Clinton is running for president, Prince goes by Prince again and Piazza has replaced Frank Thomas as the A's DH after The Big Hurt signed with Toronto over the winter.

Thomas hit 39 home runs with 114 RBIs last season, and the Blue Jays are staking $18.2 million (over two years) that the 38-year-old slugger still has plenty of pop left in his bat. If he does -- and A.J. Burnett delivers a full season behind Roy Halladay -- it will justify not spending big bucks on pitching this offseason.

Did Toronto do the right thing and make shrewd moves, or was it money poorly spent? Let us know what you think.