Sound off on the Nationals

Originally Published: March 26, 2007

Washington D.C. is a town known for power moves, but it might be awhile before the Nationals make any. They lost 91 games last season and could easily lose more than 100 this year while playing in a tough division.

Manny Acta doesn't believe it's going to be a lost season. All the rookie manager sees is a bright future and the opportunity to build something from nothing.

A new park is on the horizon, and they have a very good talent core with Ryan Zimmerman, Nick Johnson, Felipe Lopez, Austin Kearns and Brian Schneider.

The road to success certainly will be lined with potholes -- especially without quality pitching. John Patterson headlines a rotation that is short on aces and long on unknown commodities and journeymen.

Is Acta the right man to bring Washington baseball back to prominence, or is he in a no-win situation? Let us know what you think.