Sound off on the A's


Change is inevitable. The A's experienced this first-hand after getting to the ALCS a year ago. With Barry Zito heading across the Bay, the Big Three is officially history. The Big Hurt left town for Toronto (enter Mike Piazza). And there's a new skipper at the helm in Bob Geren.

The A's have proven they are resilient. No matter what happens, they find a way to stay in contention, but Oakland has its work cut out this season.

Injuries have hurt the team more than any opponent in recent memory. Mark Kotsay will start the year on the DL. Bobby Crosby needs to stay healthy. When Crosby is on the field, he plays well and the A's win. The problem is keeping him on the field.

Rich Harden takes over as staff ace and has big shoes to fill. Dan Haren moves into the No. 2 role, and the rest of the rotation needs to step up.

The bullpen should be reliable, and Huston Street (60 saves in his first two seasons) is ready to emerge as one of the elite closers in the game.

Can Oakland make the playoffs? What kind of impact will the new faces have? Let us know what you think.