Sound off on the Rangers

Originally Published: March 26, 2007

Want to identify all the Rangers? Better buy a program. Owner Tom Hicks spent $60 million this offseason to get better, so there's a lot of new faces on the team (including rookie manager Ron Washington).

With a slew of veterans, Texas might as well have changed the name of its stadium to Last Chance Ballpark. Sammy Sosa is back and can still crush a fastball. Eric Gagne is throwing pain-free again and will be closing. Kenny Lofton might be on his 11th team, but there's plenty of life left in his legs as he begins his 17th season.

The Rangers shouldn't have any trouble generating offense. The core of a lineup that scored 835 runs (fourth in AL) remains unchanged.

As usual, the starting rotation remains a big question mark. Kevin Millwood and Vicente Padilla combined to win 31 games last year, but Brandon McCarthy and Robinson Tejeda must show they can deliver over the course of a full season.

Do the Rangers have enough firepower to win the AL West and return to the playoffs for the first time since 1999? Let us know what you think.