Sound off on the Mariners


The Mariners haven't seen much sunlight since 2003, and it has nothing to do with living in Seattle. They have finished in the basement of the AL West the last three seasons. Their record (78-84 in 2006 vs. 63-99 in 2004) suggests they are heading in the right direction. But that doesn't take Mike Hargrove off the hot seat.

With three new starting pitchers (Jeff Weaver, Miguel Batista and Horacio Ramirez), the rotation is a work in progress. It will take time to see how things gel. But Felix Hernandez, who turns 21 in April, has the look of a big-time winner.

The infield -- Richie Sexson at first, Jose Lopez at second, Yuniesky Betancourt at short and Adrian Beltre at third -- is underrated and could be superb.

Ichiro will always be a hitting machine. Sexson should be good for at least 30 home runs. If the 27-year-old Beltre can post some respectable numbers in his 10th big league season, the offense might be solid.

Will new additions Jose Guillen and Jose Vidro be the difference-makers? Do the Mariners have what it takes to continue their upward climb? Let us know what you think.