Former A's star is fighting a probation violation


MIAMI -- Jose Canseco was denied bond Friday and will stay
in jail until next month's trial on charges of violating his
probation by using steroids.

The former major league slugger's attorneys argued it was
unclear whether Canseco took steroids during his probation. They
also asked that he be released on house arrest so he could
reconcile with his ex-wife and spend time with his 6-year-old

But Judge Leonard Glick denied the request, saying nothing had
changed since he initially denied bond and adding that Canseco's
family circumstances held no bearing on the case.

"We see people here every day that have similar circumstances,
perhaps more tragic circumstances," the judge said.

Canseco's ex-wife, Jessica, sat with other family and friends in
the courtroom and cried during the hearing. When the prosecutor
said her ex-husband used steroids during his house arrest, she
called him a "liar" from her seat and was warned by Glick to
remain silent.

Canseco, 39, denies taking drugs while on probation. He could
face up to 15 years in state prison if the judge rules against him.

The 1988 American League MVP had been on probation since
November for a 2001 nightclub fight with two tourists. He has been
in jail since June 3, when probation officials said he tested
positive for a muscle-building drug.

Canseco's twin brother Ozzie, also a former major leaguer,
joined him in the courtroom Friday. Ozzie Canseco also faces a
probation violation hearing before Glick on a steroid possession
arrest in May.