Bones of possible vanished mobster found near stadium

Updated: August 5, 2003, 2:16 PM ET
Associated Press

CHICAGO -- The FBI in Chicago on Tuesday said they have found possible human remains after a dig near the stadium of the Chicago White Sox.

Special Agent Thomas Kneir says the remains found at the edge of a parking lot near U.S. Cellular Field will be tested to determine if they are human. If so, then experts will try to identify them through DNA.

Kneir says the bones uncovered by the dig could be those of Michael Frank "Bones" Albergo. The 43-year-old Albergo was known as a collector for an organized-crime, loan-sharking operation. He vanished in 1970.

Kneir says the bureau's suspicions that Albergo may have been buried there are based on an informant's tip. A warehouse used to be at the site. Besides bones, a human tooth and the spine of an unidentified animal were found.

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