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Seong Hoon Jeong Allen: Sayonara, Team Pluck
Korea's March of conquest in the World Baseball Classic finally ground to a halt -- against Japan.

Dominican Republic Rojas: Better luck next time
Despite falling short of their goal, the Dominicans were satisfied with their effort.

null Rojas: True achievers
A bunch of amateurs? Hardly. The Cubans have proven they can compete with -- and beat-- baseball's best.

Dominican Republic flag Stark: Worldwide Final Four
Japan, Korea, Cuba and the Dominican in San Diego. So is that a good or a bad thing? Uh, yes ... and yes.

Higenio Velez Caple: Lost in translation
In the future the WBC should consider having umpires who at least speak the same language as the managers ... for argument's sake.

Chipper Jones Neyer: Shedding no tears Insider
So the United States fell way short in its bid to win the World Baseball Classic. Oh well, it's no big deal.

null Caple: Stars and (pin)stripes
Love of country, or loathing of the Yankees? Go with the red, white and blue.

Roger Clemens Neel: Adios, America
There will be no storybook ending for Team USA in the inaugural World Baseball Classic. Mexico made sure of that.

Team Korea Allen: Top of the world
There is no shaking the notion that Team Korea is Team Destiny after sweeping into the WBC semifinals with a perfect 6-0 record.

null Southern California dreaming
Want a reason to visit sunny San Diego this March? Welcome to the ESPN SportsTravel Power Weekend.

Alex Rodriguez Stark: Master plan
The World Baseball Classic's been great so far, but here's a plan to make it bigger, better, more fun and more impactful.

Team Korea Neel: Asian excellence
More than just competing, Korea and Japan have showcased the best of what the WBC has to offer.

Dontrelle Willis Crasnick: D-Railed
With Dontrelle Willis failing to deliver, Team USA's hopes of advancing are in jeopardy.

Bob Davidson Neyer: House of blues Insider
No WBC games should be umpired by men from the same country as one of the teams playing.

Vinny Castilla Neel: On a mission
Nobody is paying attention to them now, but the Mexico players hope to earn some respect.

null Vote: Best in Show
How would you rate the inaugural World Baseball Classic so far?

Shairon Martis Neel: Classic fever
The World Baseball Classic is off to an auspicious start, and it's only going to get better. So stay tuned.

Seung Yeop Lee Allen: Deep thoughts
Korea first baseman Seung Yeop Lee continues to make himself known to big leaguers in the WBC.

Sadaharu Oh Allen: Side of controversy
Japan manager Sadaharu Oh was furious with the umpiring in his team's loss to the U.S.

Jake Peavy Crasnick: March madness
Who needs college hoops? Thanks to the WBC, we're getting a taste of October baseball this spring.

null Rojas: Spaghetti and baseball
Italy won't get past the first round, but the participation of the Azzurra in the inaugural event will help promote baseball in the country.

null Page 2: Dressed to impress
Uni Watch offers a few thoughts, observations, and factoids about the snazzy jerseys worn at the WBC.

null Stark: Dream world
The WBC opener between the Dominican Republic and Venezuela was much more than a baseball game.

South Africa Crasnick: Miracle quest
On paper, the U.S.-South Africa game looks like David Wells versus David Eckstein in a pie-eating contest.

Bud Selig Crasnick: Obstacle course
Team USA is about to discover if a little adversity will make them stronger. Commissioner Selig can relate.

Moises Alou Gammons: Pressure cooker Insider
The pressure on the Dominican Republic and Venezuela is unlike anything Team USA will face.

Team USA Drehs: Classic start
So this is what baseball commissioner Bud Selig meant by "internationalization."

Jason Varitek Stark: The WBC effect
We're not here to bash the World Baseball Classic, but the inaugural event is not helping spring training.

null Rise of the Latinos
Latin American players are beginning to dominate Major League Baseball in both quality and quantity.

Jose Contreras OTL: Adios, Cuba?
Cuban authorities are well aware that defections are always a possiblility. Outside the Lines investigates the chances of it happening at the World Baseball Classic.

Puerto Rico Gallo: Spanning the globe
Let's admit it -- we're excited about the World Baseball Classic. And here's a unique preview for each pool.

null Allen: Classic roll?
Forget Hideki Matsui and Tadahito Iguchi. Japan is going places without them in the World Baseball Classic.

Carlos Beltran Keown: National disinterest
Why aren't Americans excited about the World Baseball Classic? Because we root for all these players -- no matter where they are from.

Daisuke Matsuzaka Allen: Opportunity knocks
Japanese right-hander Daisuke Matsuzaka is ready to show his stuff at the World Baseball Classic.

Venezuelan fans Rojas: Common dreams
The Caribbean Series achieved what politics or religion has not: unite Venezuela for a single purpose.

Dominican fans Nelson: Life in the D.R.
With camera in hand, Amy Nelson captures the pulse of being a rabid baseball fan in the Dominican Republic.

Chan Ho Park Allen: Far Eastern thoughts
Korea and Chinese Taipei renew an old rivalry in the World Baseball Classic opener.

Pedro Martinez Klapsich: Ace testing
The Mets are concerned about the health of Pedro Martinez and don't want him to pitch in the World Baseball Classic.

Daniel Cabrera Rojas: Star power in Venezuela
A vast group of experienced major-league players will see action in the Caribbean Series.

Alex Gonzalez Rojas: Got passion?
After two meetings in the Caribbean Series, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela get another shot at each other in next month's World Baseball Classic.

Miguel Tejada Rojas: Prelude to a Classic
The Caribbean Series will provide Latin American fans with a taste of what's ahead in the World Baseball Classic.

Cuban baseball team The Magazine: Showtime Insider
Cuba gets a chance to show off its baseball talent at the World Baseball Classic.

Yuliesky Gonzalez Martin: Viva Cuba!
One reason the Cubans were eager to play in the WBC is that they think they can win.

Julio Franco Rojas: Caribbean 'Dream Teams'
The fierce rivalry between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico has been the highlight of the Caribbean Series' 36-year history.

Barry Bonds Stark: A tough sell
Barry Bonds' exit may be a blow to the World Baseball Classic, but the bigger issue is the timing of the event.

Orlando Hernandez Caple: Cuba should play
The U.S. just looks bad by not letting Cuba play in the World Baseball Classic. Cuba wouldn't win it, anyway.

Miguel Cabrera Caple & Olney: The great WBC debate
Two of the best baseball minds at debate the merits of the World Baseball Classic.

Brad Lidge Olney: Arms control Insider
There is growing concern among team executives that the WBC could hurt out-of-shape pitchers.

Alex Rodriguez Klapisch: Just saying no
First, he's playing for the Dominican, then the U.S. But A-Rod is only committed to one team -- the Yankees.

Fidel Castro Schwarz: Around the World
With a number of matters that remain either undecided or unclear, here are nine innings of questions about the World Baseball Classic.