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Who's the brightest darkhorse?

Answering a few questions after the Denver Nuggets took a 111-105 win over the Los Angeles Lakers in a pairing of two teams that could stun the NBA by springing first-round playoff upsets . . .

Between the Nuggets and Lakers, which is the better dark horse candidate to upset a higher seed in the playoffs?

I would say the Lakers from this standpoint -- they have more of an identity. Phil Jackson's been back there for a few years now, the core of the team has been together and they forced a seventh game in last year's playoffs. And the bottom line is you have Kobe Bryant. As good as Allen Iverson is, he's not Kobe, who could end up averaging 45 for a series.

The Lakers are not doing themselves any favor holding on to the 6 spot and a date with the Spurs. Wouldn't the No. 7 spot now held by the Nuggets (vs. Suns) be more sensible?

No. The thing to remember about a young team like the Lakers is the more you win, the more confidence you have. It's more important for you to have that success then worry about winning matchups. The Lakers are not that good enough that they can fall into a lower seed and then expect to turn it on.

But wouldn't the Lakers have more to prove against the Suns, whom they took to seven games last year?

That also works to Phoenix's advantage. The Suns might not have taken them as seriously last year as they would this time around. From the Lakers' standpoint, you want to go back into the playoffs in a groove. With Lamar Odom back and Kwame Brown playing well -- now you're talking about a team that can be dangerous.

What do they need to improve on?

This is the one of the worst defensive jobs that I've seen a Phil Jackson team display. Sometimes a team thinks it's playing hard, and doesn't realize that it can be playing harder. But when the playoffs come, you know they're going to be playing better defensively because they'll have a chance to prepare.

Denver's staggering down the stretch, with a playoff spot not completely assured. What's its biggest problem?

They turn the ball over too much. People talk about an inability to defend, but it's the turnovers. I talked to George Karl the other day about this. We talked about how hard it is to be that good defensively when teams can get easy baskets off turnovers, and they come at inopportune times. And remember, this is a team working in new guards like Steve Blake, J.R. Smith and Iverson. That's a lot of new parts added to the fray.

Who would the Nuggets prefer, the Suns or Spurs?

A tough road either way, but at least with the Suns they don't have to impose their will to play uptempo. That's how Denver wants to play. I don't know if they have the discipline defensively to slow down Phoenix.

So the Lakers could get the Spurs. That's not easy.

San Antonio's the team I would be most leery of in the Western Conference. Dallas and Phoenix haven't won a championship. This team has. That means a lot. Francisco Elson and Fabricio Oberto have played well the past month, with great intangibles, not so much in things that show in the stats.

If either dark horse candidate, the Nuggets or Lakers, is playing well, we should put the brooms away, right?

Yes. If both teams come into the postseason focused both mentally and emotionally, they're going to make it difficult. Both are capable of winning at least two games in a series.

ESPN analyst Greg Anthony can be seen on NBA Shootaround Wednesday at 7 ET, before the ESPN doubleheader of Bulls/Pistons (7:30 ET) and Kings/Nuggets (10 ET). All questions above posed by ESPN.com editor Andrew Ayres.

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King Of Jams
David Sherman/Getty Images
LeBron James goes for two of his 31 points in the win over the Wolves. After missing Sunday's loss to Boston with knee tendinitis, James had 12 rebounds.

Noah's Downward Draft Arc
Joakim Noah

Florida's Joakim Noah wasn't terrible by any stretch of the imagination. But he didn't recapture the magic he had last year.

Noah continued to display his hustle and energy all season, but his production was down across the board, and he failed to show significant improvement in any area of his game. In particular, Noah's inability to hit a jump shot really concerns scouts.

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Spurs Set Wide Margins

Johan Petro's dunk with four seconds left in San Antonio's 110-91 win over Seattle foiled the Spurs' chances of making history.

Had the Spurs won by at least 20 points, they would have been the second team in NBA history to sweep a season series of at least four games by at least 20 points each game. The only team to do so was the 1996-97 Trail Blazers over the Grizzlies.

-- Michael E. Jackson, ESPN Research

Records At A Glance

Champs Rising Up

Heat wave in Canada

Clash Of Scorers
Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images
Lakers guard Kobe Bryant (39 points) and Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony (31 points) battle in Denver's 111-105 win.

Extreme Behavior
Gerald Wallace

Tuesday's Best
Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace: Drops in 34 points and 14 rebounds in a 122-102 win over the Wiz. Teammate Raymond Felton threw in 14 dimes for good measure.

Antawn Jamison

Tuesday's Worst:
Wizards forward Antawn Jamison: First, the good news: he had 11 boards. But carrying the injured Caron Butler's scoring share proved a bit weighty -- Jamison made only 3 of 16 shots in falling to the Bobcats.

Quote of the Day
"It's still not 100 percent. I'd say it's about 80-85 percent now. I still felt it a couple times. ... Just have to keep doing treatment and keep getting healthy, but I felt pretty good."
-- Cavs forward LeBron James, after his team dispatched Minny.

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-- Andrew Ayres

Nash Close To Perfect
Antawn Jamison

We're used to seeing special stuff from Steve Nash, but we'll have to watch him for a while before he surpasses his performance in the Suns' 116-111 win at Memphis. Nash was credited with 17 assists and he did not miss a shot himself: He was 4-for-4 from the floor (including a trio of 3-pointers) and 4-for-4 from the foul line.

Nash tied the NBA record for most assists in a game in which he missed neither a field-goal attempt nor a free-throw attempt. In 1983, Magic Johnson had a 17-assist game against the Bucks in which he made all three field-goal attempts and did not take a foul shot; and in 1994, John Stockton handed out 17 assists in a game vs. Portland in which he was 4-for-4 from the floor and 2-for-2 from the line.

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No Shot For Tinsley

Pacers guard Jamaal Tinsley decided on Tuesday to get his teammates involved in a way few players ever have before. Tinsley dished out 10 assists without attempting a single shot -- either from the field or from the line -- making him just the fifth different player in NBA history to do that.

Player Team Assists
'05-06 Jacque Vaughn Nets 13<<
'87-88 Nate McMillan Sonics 12<<
'86-87 Nate McMillan Sonics 12
'78-79 Norm Van Lier Bucks 10
'69-70 Guy Rodgers Bucks 10
'06-07 Jamaal Tinsley Pacers 10<<

>>Lost game

-- Adam S Reisinger, ESPN Research


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