Christian Drejer
Small Forward (Rank: #35) | 6-9, 230
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Christian Drejer
Christian Drejer
Notes: A native of Denmark. Drejer flirted with going straight to the NBA in 2002. Had he done so, he would've been a mid-first-round pick. Injuries limited his production at Florida during his freshman season, and a lucrative offer from Euroleague champion F.C. Barcelona convinced him to drop out of school and join Barcelona midway through his sophomore season. By doing so, Drejer was automatically entered into the 2004 NBA draft. He cannot drop out of the draft.

Upside: The appeal is versatility and basketball IQ for someone his size. He's an extraordinary passer and draws the occasional comparison from some scouts to Toni Kukoc. He's a good athlete, has a nice mid-range jumper and he turned some heads on the defensive end. Uses his speed and length to guard multiple positions on the floor. Scouts see him as a point forward in the pros. Those are hard to come by, which is why Drejer had some buzz before dropping out of school.

Downside: Too soft. Scouts all noted the same thing about Drejer. He was afraid to put the ball on the floor and slash to the rim. He avoided contact at all cost. While his mid range jumper is good, he doesn't have much in the way of three point range.

Insider Projection: His decision to leave Florida will hurt him. Now he has buyout issues and an international club to deal with. Furthermore, he burned some bridges with his decision. No one likes the precedent Drejer set by bolting Florida. Still, the kid is talented and several scouts thought he was a mid first round pick before things starting going sour at Florida. He might end up slipping to the second round. But if he does, he's a steal.


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