Romain Sato
Shooting Guard (Rank: #79) | 6-3, 204
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Romain Sato
Romain Sato
Notes:A native of Central Africa who didn't really pick up basketball until he came to the U.S. for high school. Two time Atlantic 10 first team.

Upside: He's a very athletic, strong two guard with a penchant for rebounding. His rebounding numbers in college rivaled many power forwards. Has a 38 inch vertical and is blessed with a great NBA body and strength. He's very long with a 6-foot-11 inch wingspan that makes him play much bigger than he actually is. Has deep range on his jumper, but he's a bit streaky. However, when he catches fire, watch out. Is considered an excellent defender with great lateral quickness. Excellent free throw shooter who really knows how to get to the stripe.

Downside: His size is a bit of an issue. Is measuring 6-foot-2 in workouts -- 6-foot-3 with shoes. He struggled a bit this season at Xavier. The team missed David West and without him around to draw defenses, Sato had to carry the team on his shoulders. His 41 percent field goal percentage left a lot to be desired. As successful as he's been in college, teams think he's still a little raw because he picked up basketball so late.

Insider Projection: He's been wowing teams in workouts lately and has some real draft buzz. Prospects like him don't come along too often. He's strong, athletic, mature, plays stifling defense, can rebound and has a nice jump shot. Comparisons on him range from Quentin Richardson offensively to Ron Artest or Mickael Pietrus defensively. His so-so performance in Chicago did little to help or hurt his stock. He could still sneak into the late first round once the smoke clears on draft night.


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