Game-by-game comparison with the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers

The worst NBA team ever?

It's the Philadelphia 76ers of 1972-73, who started 0-15 and then, at the three-quarters pole, stood 4-58 after a 21-game losing streak.

But an amazing thing happened toward the end of the season: The Sixers got hot, winning five of seven from Valentine's Day to the end of February, suddenly improving to 9-60. Alas, another losing skid followed, leaving the Sixers with 13 straight losses and a final mark of 9-73.

All of this goes to show you that you never know what is around the corner for a team during the long, cruel NBA season. Any team, no matter how bad, can get it going -- and then go for weeks without winning.

So check out how those Sixers compare to the other worst teams in history, game by game, twist by twist, and turn by turn:

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