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Haberstroh: The NBA's 35-year war over the 3

The NBA's 35-year war against the 3-pointer is ending. Tom Haberstroh traces the long ball's rise from its debut until now, when it's taking over the NBA Finals.

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Blockbuster trade ideas for Clippers

Publicly, the Clippers don't have any plans to detonate the Big Three. But if they did, here are some trade options.


Green named 105-year-old fan's favorite

Warriors' Draymond Green was recently named the "favorite player" of a 105-year-old Warriors fan. "That's pretty dope," Green said. "I've only been here three years and she's 105. I hope I live that long."

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Green: Who cares what Barkley said?

Warriors' Draymond Green on Charles Barkley picking Cavs in 6: "He said we wouldn't be here. I'm sure he said we'd lose in the first round so who cares?"

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As a team, Warriors will guard LeBron

Andrew Bogut on slowing down LeBron James: "Our coaches do a great job scouting him. It's going to be a team effort. It's not just going to be one guy guarding him."

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Grantland: Rooting for The King

There's a whole host of reasons the Cavs don't stand a chance in these Finals. But that's what's exciting -- LeBron James is an UNDERDOG. And after all, asks Andrew Sharp, when else will you be able to root for the best, most dominant player on earth without feeling even a little bit guilty? Testing a legend

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Splash Bros will both be in action

Despite a scary concussion in Game 5 of the West finals, Klay Thompson has been cleared for Thursday's Game 1 of the NBA Finals. The Warriors' net efficiency with Thompson in the lineup this postseason is +9.0.

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Shelburne: Warriors' staff keeps it light

"You get the sense they could go on like this for hours, trading one-liners and finding the lighter side of things. Somehow, in his first year as a head coach, [Steve] Kerr has managed to construct a coaching staff and an environment that's just about the most fun anyone involved has ever been around." Fast, loose, disciplined

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Curry taking shots at practice

Stephen Curry is getting shots up at the first open practice of the 2015 NBA Finals. Curry, like the rest of the Warriors roster, has never appeared in a Finals game.

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Dave McMenamin @mcten

Warriors are listening to Lenny Kravitz as they shoot around. It's part of their "White Boy Wednesday" music tradition: Rock over hip-hop

5-on-5: Cavs vs. Warriors

Marc Stein's top storyline? "LeBron's chance to lead Cleveland to the city's first championship of any kind in a bazillion years; LeBron's potential slippage to a 2-4 career record in the NBA Finals ... LeBron's mighty struggles from beyond the 3-point arc throughout this postseason. In a word: LeBron." What else is there?

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Haberstroh: It's all about the 3-ball

Sorry, Phil. Here's why the 3-pointer is the "special sauce" of great NBA offenses.


On this date in 1992 ...

"Here's Jordan, for 3 ... Yes! Did you see that look? Michael indicating he can't believe it!"

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5-on-5: Cavs vs. Warriors

Marc Stein's top storyline? LeBron. "LeBron's chance to lead Cleveland to the city's first championship of any kind in a bazillion years; LeBron's potential slippage to a 2-4 career record in the NBA Finals; LeBron's status as the only player in this whole series with an NBA Finals pedigree to speak of ... In a word: LeBron." What else is there?

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Experts' picks: NBA Finals

Only five of our experts picked Cleveland to win it all, but take heart, Cavs' fans: At least none of them think Golden State will pull off the sweep. See predictions

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Cavs can defend the 3; key for Finals

Tim Legler shows how well the Cavaliers defended against the Hawks outside the arc but explains that the 3-happy Warriors are a different animal.


Allen Iverson ... Notre Dame QB?

It could have happened, Gary Moore, Iverson's longtime manager, told Bleacher Report. "That was our dream. We watched the Fighting Irish on TV every Saturday. ... He was never supposed to be in the NBA. We were focused on the NFL. He should be in Canton as we speak."

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Silver: Trying to be realistic on gambling

NBA commissioner Adam Silver: “If it’s going to happen, to protect the integrity of the league, there needs to be more transparency ... I don’t want to hide from the business element. … If it’s going to happen anyway it might as well be regulated, it should be taxed, regulated, controlled.” (via The Herd)

No exit for D-Will, Nets

Asked if the Nets would buy out or use the stretch provision on the final two seasons of point guard Deron Williams' contract, GM Billy King responded, "No." Owed $43.3M

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