Prosecutor expected to release documents Monday

EAGLE, Colo. -- Some previously sealed documents and evidence from the sexual assault case against Kobe Bryant will be released Friday, the Eagle County sheriff's office said.

The records could include a transcript of the NBA star's
interview with investigators, statements from some witnesses, an
arrest affidavit and investigators' reports. They also could
include phone records and other documents.

Attorneys were reviewing the evidence to remove the name of the woman who accused Bryant and other information protected by privacy law, sheriff's spokeswoman Kim Andree said Thursday.

A judge had temporarily sealed the documents at the request of Bryant's attorneys shortly after prosecutors dropped the felony
sexual assault charge against him on Sept. 1.

The temporary seal expired Tuesday, a day after defense attorney Pamela Mackey withdrew her petition to permanently seal the records.

Under state law, official holders of criminal justice records
can decide which, if any, records to make public.

Meanwhile, prosecutors expect to release a package of records in the case as early as Monday, spokeswoman Krista Flannigan said.