Third straight weekend of flight delays

1/30/2005 - Atlanta Hawks

ATLANTA -- The Hawks have the worst record in the
Eastern Conference. They might also have the worst travel luck in
the NBA after a third straight weekend of flight delays.

"It's just weird. We've never been through a stretch like
that," team spokesman Arthur Triche said after the Hawks arrived
in Atlanta on Sunday afternoon following Saturday night's 84-83
loss in Memphis.

The team's worst weekend of travel problems began Friday night
when the Hawks tried to beat the bad weather by flying out of
Atlanta following their 106-96 loss to the Miami Heat.

Instead, freezing rain and sleet already was causing problems,
and players and staff spent seven hours sitting on the team's
chartered jet, watching through the night as repeated de-icing
procedures didn't get the plane off the ground.

Hawks guard Tony Delk said he listened to music on the plane
until the batteries ran down on his personal music system. He said
he then played games on his telephone until that battery gave out.

Delk, an eight-year veteran, said there were many times when he
wondered if the game was worth the long wait.

"You have to be mentally tough," Delk said. "I'm not going to
say anybody has been through this. This was my first time since
I've been playing. It's our job, so you have to treat it as a
professional and go out there and play."

Finally, about 6 a.m. Saturday, the team gave up on its flight
and players tried to nap at a downtown Atlanta hotel for a few
hours, still unsure if they would be playing Saturday night in

At mid-afternoon Saturday, the Hawks headed back to the airport,
having lined up a different charter for the one-hour flight. After
waiting through another tedious de-icing, the Hawks finally took

The charter landed in Memphis about an hour before the scheduled
start, and the team was given a police escort to the arena. The NBA
delayed tipoff an hour, to 9 p.m. ET, to give the Hawks more
practice time.

In what Hawks coach Mike Woodson called "an unbelievable
effort," the Hawks lost by one point in a game that ended about
11:30 p.m.

The travel complications, however, were not over. The team
couldn't find lodging in Memphis and had to settle for a hotel
about 30 minutes out of town. Then the players found the hotel
dining room was closed, so the search for a late dinner ended at a
nearby pancake restaurant.

The Hawks' return flight to a foggy Atlanta landed about 12:30
p.m., according to Triche, who said players were given a day off
before a practice Monday morning for a home game that night against

It marked the third straight week Atlanta has encountered travel
problems. The Hawks were stuck en route to Boston for a Jan. 14
game with the Celtics because of fog, and in Chicago after a Jan.
21 game when the flight crew did not have enough members.

"We've bonded probably more than any other team in the league
could have for this year," Triche said. "Thankfully, no one has
gotten on anyone's nerves."