Report: Celtics' Allen caught on tape throwing punch

10/22/2005 - NBA Tony Allen Boston Celtics + more

A surveillance tape shows Boston Celtics guard Tony Allen punching a Chicago man during an Aug. 28 incident, a Chicago police spokesman told the Boston Herald.

Allen, who has been charged with aggravated battery stemming from a fight that escalated into a shooting outside a West Loop diner two months ago, is not charged in the shooting.

"[Allen] is seen on tape striking another individual in the face," Deputy Director Patrick Camden told the Herald. "But this was a continuing dispute. As [Allen] comes in and spots [shooting victim Marktwain Johnson], they exchange words. A pistol is pulled. Our efforts are continuing to try and identify the shooter."

According to a source who has viewed the tape, the paper reports Allen entered the White Palace Grill at the head of a large entourage and became extremely animated upon seeing Johnson and Odum. Allen reportedly threw several punches before landing the one that fractured Odum's left eye socket.

Allen was drafted by the Celtics 25th overall in 2004 and
started 34 games as a rookie. He averaged 6.4 points and 2.9

Allen, who had a small piece of cartilage removed from his right
knee in September, has not played in the preseason.