Bucks have plane trouble for second time in week

2/13/2006 - Milwaukee Bucks

MILWAUKEE -- For the second time in a week, a
Milwaukee Bucks chartered flight was forced to land because of mechanical

The Bucks spent Sunday night in New Jersey after their plane
experienced vibrations and the crew decided to return to Newark,
Midwest Airlines senior vice president Carol Skornicka said Monday.

The snow storm that hit the East Coast did not force the plane
to turn around, she said. The cause of the vibrations was not
immediately determined.

"Obviously it's a source of great consternation for the Bucks
as well as us," she said.

Fewer than 40 Bucks players and staff members were on the flight
after the team's game with the Nets earlier Sunday, Skornicka said.
The Nets beat the Bucks 94-79.

Midwest sent another plane to Newark to return the Bucks to

On Feb. 6, a different Midwest charter was forced to land at an
airport in Grand Rapids, Mich., because of a mechanical problem
with one of the plane's engines. The Bucks were flying from
Cleveland to Milwaukee.