Sampson faces two more charges

5/5/2006 - NBA Houston Rockets

RICHMOND, Va. -- A federal grand jury added two charges to
the two already facing former NBA and Virginia star Ralph Sampson.

A superseding indictment, dated Wednesday, charges Sampson with
mail fraud and making a false statement. A trial scheduled for May
16 on previous charges of perjury and making a false claim will
instead be an arraignment on the new counts.

U.S. District Judge James R. Spencer likely will set a new trial
date at the arraignment.

Sampson, who lives near Atlanta, is accused of lying about his
financial situation to a federal court in Georgia to obtain
court-appointed counsel. Sampson made his first court appearance in
Georgia after being charged with child-support violations in

Sampson already has pleaded guilty in federal court in Richmond
to charges of failing to pay court-ordered child support for two
children who live in northern Virginia and have different mothers.
Sentencing in that case was delayed after Sampson was charged with

The new indictment alleges that when Sampson went to court on
the child-support charges, he claimed he was self-employed by
"Sampson Communications" and had no income. According to the
indictment, Sampson was earning $5,000 per month as a consultant
for one company and made commercials and promotional appearances
for another in exchange for a $200,000 home.

Sampson also allegedly denied he owns a $43,000 sport utility
vehicle, which he purchased using a corporate identity, and
allegedly sent documents regarding the SUV from Georgia to Virginia
for the purpose of defrauding a financing company.

Sampson remains free on bond with travel restrictions.

The Houston Rockets made Sampson the No. 1 overall pick in the
1983 NBA draft. Over nine NBA seasons, Sampson averaged 15.4 points
per game.