Bobcats' master plan includes deal for Voskuhl

ALT HERE Voskuhl

Free agent center Jake Voskuhl signed a two-year, $4 million dollar contract with the Charlotte Bobcats on Thursday, his agent Mark Bartelstein told ESPN.com.

Bartelstein said his client has a player option in the second year of the deal.

The Bobcats acquired Voskuhl in a trade with the Suns last summer. He played 51 games for the Bobcats last year, averaging 5.3 points and 3.6 rebounds in 16 minutes per game.

The deal now gives the Bobcats 14 players under contract. However, the team has just $33 million in committed salary, about $6 million under the NBA minimum team salary.

The Bobcats look like they are clearly saving money for next season when they are in a position to be the only team far enough under the cap to offer a maximum deal. Players like Rashard Lewis, Mike Bibby, Vince Carter and Chauncey Billups could be available.

If the Bobcats don't meet the $39 million minimum payroll, the team will be charged the full $39 million by the league and the difference between their actual payroll number and the mandated number will be distributed to the players on the team.