'Rowdiest Rockets fans' will get free season tickets

8/24/2006 - NBA Houston Rockets

HOUSTON -- Seeking to liven up the atmosphere at the Toyota
Center, Houston Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy has purchased 50
season tickets, the majority of which will be given to fans judged
to be the rowdiest at tryouts this weekend.

The Rockets went 34-48 last season and won only 15 home games.
Van Gundy has said he wants the arena to become a more intimidating
place for opponents.

On Saturday, the Rockets will hold open tryouts at the Toyota
Center in search of "the loudest and rowdiest Rockets fans in
Houston," the team said. Candidates will have 30 seconds to
audition in front of a judging panel -- which will not include Van

The top 30 fans selected by the judges will receive season
tickets near the court. The other 20 tickets will be distributed at
each home game -- 10 at random outside the arena before the game and
10 during the game allowing fans to move from their seats into the
"Red Rowdies" section.