Spurs' Parker says he's still apprehensive about finger

Updated: October 2, 2006, 3:25 PM ET
Associated Press

LYON, France -- Now that he's healthy, San Antonio guard Tony Parker would like to stay that way.

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"I'm doing well, but I have some apprehensions," Parker told The Associated Press, adding his broken right index finger has healed. "I hesitate on some steals because I'm afraid to get hurt again. But in shooting, dribbling and catches, I don't feel any [pain]."

The broken finger kept Parker off France's team for this year's FIBA World Basketball Championship. France lost to Greece in the quarterfinals.

Parker and the Spurs arrived in his home country on Saturday to open their training camp and will play a preseason game against Asvel Villeurbanne on Thursday. Parker said his teammates have been struggling to speak French.

"Everybody tries to get along in French, but it's not so easy for them, and that makes me crack up," he said.

But it's preparing for the NBA season that is the most important part of the trip.

"The Spurs aren't in Lyon for an exhibit or vacations," Parker said. "It's serious, and even demanding. We'll have two practices a day of more than two hours each.

"A lot of guys haven't played in at least a month. The team's a bit out of shape," Parker added. "We can't mess around, especially because the team has to blend in several players added in the offseason."

The Spurs last played in France three years ago in Paris -- playing at home "always gives me a bizarre feeling," Parker said.

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