Four Chicago men charged in Walker robbery, two linked to Curry case

CHICAGO -- Authorities charged four men Friday in connection
with the armed robberies of two NBA players in their Chicago area
homes last month.

Police said they found nothing to indicate other athletes had
been targeted.

"Hopefully, if they had any plans of doing this again, we've
put a damper on those plans," Chicago police commander Thomas
Byrne said.

New York Knicks forward Eddy Curry was tied up and robbed in his
suburban Chicago mansion a few weeks after Miami Heat forward
Antoine Walker had been similarly robbed at his $4 million Chicago
town house.

The four men suspected in the robbery at Walker's home are
charged with home invasion, armed robbery and aggravated
kidnapping, Cook County state's attorney spokeswoman Tandra
Simonton said.

She identified the suspects as Phillip Allison, 28, Antoine
Larkins, 28, Demorris Hill, 25, and Gregory Reedfields, 23, all of

Burr Ridge Police Chief Herbert Timm said Hill and Larkins are
also being charged with armed robbery, aggravated kidnapping and
home invasion in the Curry case. A third suspect in the Burr Ridge
case has not been identified, Timm said.

The robbery at Walker's home occurred July 9 when Walker, a
Chicago native, was at home with a relative. Multiple masked
robbers bound the two with duct tape and held them at gunpoint.
They made off with Walker's Mercedes, cash and jewelry.

Less than three weeks later, Curry, his wife and an employee
were tied up and robbed by masked gunmen at his Burr Ridge home.

Byrne said the police used cell phone records, fingerprints and
surveillance camera video to gather evidence in the case.

"This was literally these guys putting together a pretty
intricate puzzle and piecing it all together," he said.

Byrne said the four men are in custody and due in bond court