DA won't charge Williams as police cite insufficient evidence

SACRAMENTO -- Prosecutors declined to file charges Tuesday
against Sacramento Kings center Justin Williams over allegations
that he sexually assaulted a woman.

Their decision was based on a report by Sacramento police
investigators, who found there was not enough evidence to support
criminal charges.

In a statement, the Sacramento County district attorney's office
said it agreed with police but declined further comment.

Prosecutors said releasing more information would harm Williams,
the woman who said she was sexually assaulted and another woman who
also was in the home at the time.

"Based on the facts, statements and evidence, detectives cannot
prove or disprove the allegations in this case," the police
department said in a statement Tuesday.

The department said it supports the prosecutors' decision not to
file charges.

Williams' attorney, William Portanova, said the player and his
girlfriend had consensual sex with the woman.

Portanova thanked police and prosecutors Tuesday for a thorough

"We know that their work is all about finding the truth. That's
all we wanted in this case," he said in a telephone interview.
"They looked around every corner, and so did we."

Portanova said he expects Williams to quickly rejoin the Kings,
whose next game is Wednesday night in Minnesota.

"There's no reason to hold him back from rejoining his team,"
Portanova said.

Kings spokesman Troy Hanson said the team would not have a
comment until it was notified of the decision by the district
attorney's office. Williams currently is on a leave of absence from
the team.