Davis lands punch to Haywood's face

CHICAGO (AP) -- Kirk Hinrich scored 32 points to lead the Chicago
Bulls to a 100-95 victory over the Washington Wizards in an
exhibition game delayed by a fight Monday night.

The fight caused the game to be stopped for several minutes with
3:22 left in the third quarter. Washington's Larry Hughes pushed
Hinrich into Chicago's Luol Deng as he was going in for a layup.

Hughes and Hinrich confronted each other after the play and
Chicago's Antonio Davis came in to defend Hinrich. Then
Washington's Brendan Haywood took a swing at Davis, who countered
with a right jab to Haywood's face.

They wrestled to the floor before order was restored. There were
no injuries.

"I was running and he started to cut me off and I moved him,"
Hughes said of Hinrich. "He's running full speed and I'm running
full speed and made contact."

Davis and Michael Ruffin of the Wizards were ejected.

"It is one of those things that cooler heads should have
prevailed, but they didn't," Haywood said.

Haywood wasn't ejected despite swinging at Davis.

"I wasn't surprised because I was protecting myself," Haywood
said. "I was trying to protect my teammates and then I was trying
to protect myself.

"He was the one that initiated it. Somebody pushed me when my
back was turned. I thought it was him, Antonio Davis."

Davis said he was only trying to protect his teammates.

"We shouldn't take any baloney," he said. "We should stick up
for one another."

Tommy Smith hit a jumper to give the Bulls a 96-95 lead with
37.4 seconds remaining. Jarvis Hayes missed a jumper for Washington
on the other end and Hinrich followed with two free throws to put
the Bulls up 98-95 with 19.2 seconds left. Hayes missed a 3 to tie
the game with 12 seconds left.

Hayes scored 15 points for Washington, and Haywood had 14 points
and nine rebounds.

Andres Nocioni added 11 points and nine rebounds for Chicago.

The Wizards closed the first half by outscoring the Bulls 18-6
and led 54-41. Samaki Walker scored 11 points in the half and
Gilbert Arenas added 10 and four assists for the Wizards. Chicago
had 13 turnovers in the half.

Arenas finished with 12 points, seven assists and seven steals
for Washington.

Smith and Davis had 10 points apiece for Chicago.

The Wizards extended their lead to 70-49 on Hayes' dunk with
6:55 left in the third quarter. The Bulls closed out the quarter by
outscoring the Wizards 11-2.

Nocioni cut the lead to 82-74 with a jumper to end the quarter.
Nocioni then hit a 3 to tie the game at 89 with 3:41 left.

Hinrich gave the Bulls a 94-92 lead with 2:17 to go.

Antawn Jamison rested his bruised right knee and did not play
for the Wizards. Tyson Chandler missed the game for the Bulls due
to illness.