Iverson pours in 30, Sixers edge LeBron-less Cavs

CLEVELAND (AP) -- Allen Iverson did all he could, and then
watched as his teammates did the rest.

Iverson was in regular-season mode, scoring 30 points in 28
minutes to lead Philadelphia to a 100-98 win Friday night over the
Cleveland Cavaliers, who played without superstar LeBron James.

Iverson, who has had some of the highest-scoring games of his
career against the Cavaliers, scored 15 points in the third quarter
when the Sixers began to pull away.

He hit a driving layup with 6.8 seconds to go in the third
period, and after a steal by Lee Nailon, Iverson made a 3-pointer
just before the buzzer as Philadelphia opened a 78-69 lead.

After Iverson scored on a drive early in the fourth quarter, a
Cavs fan yelled at the tattooed point guard, "Take it easy on us,
it's the preseason."

Iverson, though, just shook his head from side to side.

But he was taken out a few minutes later, and with Iverson on
the bench, the Cavs rallied behind their reserves in the fourth,
pulling within 99-98 with 4.3 seconds to go on Zendon Hamilton's

Nailon made 1 of 2 free throws with 3.1 seconds remaining for
the Sixers, and Cleveland had a last chance to tie it but
Philadelphia center Steven Hunter blocked Obinna Ekezie's shot in
the lane just before the final horn.

"The whole team learned a lot tonight," Iverson said. "I was
glad to we had that situation where it was a close game and we had
to get it done. We had to get a stop. We showed a lot of character

Nailon added 14 points and Kyle Korver had 11 for the Sixers.

Larry Hughes, one of four free agents signed by Cleveland in the
off-season, led the Cavaliers with 15 points and Donyell Marshall
and Hamilton had 13 apiece. Zydrunas Ilgauskas had 10 points in 18

"Hughes is a a great pickup for them," Iverson said. "He'll
draw a lot of attention away from Z and LeBron. I see a great
future for him here."

James sat on the bench in street clothes a few hours after being
released from the Cleveland Clinic on Friday morning following a
two-night stay because of a virus that caused severe pain in his

"I'm feeling better," James said before grabbing a seat on
Cleveland's bench to watch the club's exhibition home opener.

Team physicians initially thought James had a strained pectoral
muscle, but tests revealed that he has pleurisy, an inflammation of
the thin layers of tissue covering the lungs and chest cavity.

The 20-year-old is being treated with antibiotics and
anti-inflammatory medication, and the team said it expects James to
make a "quick, full recovery." James will not travel to Milwaukee
for Saturday's game against the Bucks.

"It's the preseason," said Cavs coach Mike Brown. "There's no

The Sixers were again without forward Chris Webber and center
Samuel Dalembert, who are both out with strained leg muscles.
Philadelphia will also be without forward Michael Bradley for the
next four to six weeks after he underwent knee surgery in Cleveland
on Friday.