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A lot has changed since 1975

What the world looked like the last time the Warriors were in the Finals:

  • U.S. president: Gerald R. Ford
  • NBA and ABA hadn't yet merged
  • 3-point shot didn't exist in NBA
  • No players on Cavs or GSW had been born
  • Steve Kerr was 9 years old

Brad Daugherty: Firing Thibs a mistake

"If I was a GM, I would be knocking the door down to get ahold of him."


Nick Friedell @NickFriedell

Definitely a sense of relief within the United Center -- from all involved -- that this thing has come to a resolution.

Nick Friedell @NickFriedell

Bulls assistant coach Andy Greer just left the Advocate Center. Bulls security was wheeling a lot of boxes out with him.

Pelton: The Tom Thibodeau Paradox

It's hard to argue with Tom Thibodeau's results. The man won games. Lots of them. And he created an elite defense year after year. But Thibodeau kept falling short in the playoffs, begging the question: Can his style win in the postseason? Too much regular-season success (Insider)

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Chef Curry to cook up another MVP?

Stephen Curry is a big favorite to be named MVP of the NBA Finals in Golden State's series vs. Cleveland.

Laimbeer would take LeBron over MJ

New York Liberty coach Bill Laimbeer said on The Dan Patrick Show this morning: "There’s no question I would take LeBron James [over Michael Jordan]. He can do more." Sorry, MJ

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Thibs, and Bulls, better with Rose

It's pretty simple: Tom Thibodeau had more success when former MVP Derrick Rose was in the lineup. Under Thibodeau, the Bulls had a win percentage of .729 in the regular season and .552 in the playoffs with Rose in the lineup. Without Rose, Chicago had a win percentage of .577 in the regular season and .318 in the playoffs.

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Dissecting the Bulls' statement

Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf released the equivalent of a 230-word fire emoji of a statement explaining the Tom Thibodeau firing. Jon Greenberg dives into what was left unsaid. Thibs deserved better

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President Obama sad to see Thibs leave

In response to a question on Twitter, the President gave his take on today's Tom Thibodeau firing: "Love thibs and think he did a great job. Sorry to see him go but expect he will be snatched up soon by another team."

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ESPN on Snapchat Discover Live

It has been a long wait, but the Warriors are back in the championship round for the first time since 1975. Check out the need-to-know stats and facts of the Cavaliers-Warriors NBA Finals matchup in today's edition of ESPN in Snapchat Discover.

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Why Kerr didn't choose New York

Rookie coach Steve Kerr is in the Finals with Golden State after walking away from the offer of the same job with the Knicks. Ian Begley explains Kerr's thought process.


Jerry West: Curry a humble leader

The Warriors executive gave a shoutout to Golden State's fans and then lauded Steph Curry: "This kid looks like a little baby-faced kid who just walked in off the street but he is really special. I don't think I've seen a shooter like him."


Friedell: Where it went wrong for Thibs

Tom Thibodeau trails only Phil Jackson as the best coach in Bulls history. The defense-first, selfless and tough-as-nails Bulls have an identity that matters for the first time since MJ left. So how did it fall apart? Pushed too hard

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Elite teams are perfect in Finals

The Warriors went 67-15 in the regular season. Each of the previous 13 teams to win at least 65 games AND make it to the Finals went on to win the title. Only one of those 13 teams (the Heat in 2013) even took the full 7 games to take home the trophy.

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Thibs wins, but not in playoffs

Tom Thibodeau had an overall win percentage of .647 with the Bulls, second only to Phil Jackson, but in the playoffs, he was under .500.

LeBron a thorn in Thibodeau's side

Tom Thibodeau and the Bulls were eliminated by LeBron James' team in three of his five seasons. Chicago was 4-2 in all other playoff series.

Replacing Tom Thibodeau in Chicago

Said Ramona Shelburne of Thibodeau's ousting: "The real question was not if they were gonna get divorced but how." So who will replace him in Chicago? The names of Fred Hoiberg and Alvin Gentry have surfaced.


Nick Friedell @NickFriedell

Jimmy Butler declined comment regarding Thibs situation. Players and assistants still filing in and out of Advocate Center.

A look back: Thibs' era in Chicago

Exploring why Tom Thibodeau's otherwise successful tenure as Bulls coach was marked by a rift with the front office.