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J.A. Adande @jadande

ZBo hanging with Steph beyond the 3-point line without getting put in the blender is the victory of the night

The masked man plays hero for Memphis

Mike Conley's status was in question right until tip of Game 2, but he's had all the answers on the court. A three-pointer from the Grizzlies PG has Memphis in front by 10, but it's too early to call it the dagger against Steph Curry & Co. Follow live

Golden State struggling from outside

The Grizzlies are making the Warriors work for every shot -- and the proof is in Golden State's jump shooting. The Warriors are 13-of-18 inside the restricted area (72.2%), but they're just 13-of-43 outside of it (30.2%), and they trail the Grizzlies late in regulation. Follow live

Michael Wallace @WallaceNBA_ESPN

Grizz were up 10 with 7 minutes left. It's a familiar position. Blew same lead in similar situation in Portland in Game4. Did they learn?

Warriors, Grizz digging deep late

We've got ourselves a ballgame in Oakland. Tony Allen is making Klay Thompson regret coming to work, Stephen Curry just keeps shooting, and the Grizzlies are clinging to a lead midway through the 4th. Follow live


J.A. Adande @jadande

Only 2 Warriors in double digits are Curry (16) and…Barbosa (14) . 4 Grizzlies have 10+ (ZBo, Gasol, Lee and Conley)


X-factor? Grizzlies have outscored the Warriors by 20 Pts with Tony Allen on the court; Grizz have been outscored by 10 Pts when he's off.

Grizzlies have Warriors turned around

The Warriors pride themselves on their ball movement. But tonight, Golden State has just 14 assists to 17 turnovers, and a big offensive rebound and bucket from Courtney Lee at the 3rd quarter buzzer has the Grizzlies in front by 10. Follow live


A Warrior finally hit double digits

MVP Stephen Curry is up to 14 points against the Grizzlies. He's the first Golden State player in double-digit scoring. Related: the Grizzlies' lead is also in double digits late in the third quarter. Follow live

J.A. Adande @jadande

Warriors' most effective action right now is Harrison Barnes going at Marc Gasol. Go figure

Russillo @ryenarussillo

As rattled as you'll see the Warriors, still feel like that run is coming, because it always does. Memphis has been great.

Splash Bros. in a drought in Game 2

In Golden State's Game 1 win, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson were a combined 16-of-34 for 40 points. So far through Game 2, however, they've tallied just 14 points on 6-of-20 shooting, and the Warriors trail the Grizzlies by double digits. Follow live


Ethan Strauss @SherwoodStrauss

Warriors down 11 with 1 half to decide whether the series is basically over, or if they have to steal 1 in the Grindhouse with Conley back

Johnson gives award to Scott daughters

At tonight's Sports Emmy Awards, TNT host Ernie Johnson gave his award for "Best Studio Host" to Stuart Scott's daughters, whose father lost his battle with cancer in January. Taelor and Sydni attended the event on behalf of their father, who earlier was honored for his service and dedication to sports media. Class act

Courtesy ESPN

Half not golden for Warriors

Golden State has picked a bad night to to have their second-worst scoring half all season (38 points in first half vs. Spurs on Apr. 5). Memphis has created 6 steals on 10 Warriors turnovers to lead 50-39 at intermission. Follow live


J.A. Adande @jadande

Even with the Warriors starting to come alive they're still under 40 points, with 1:25 left in 2Q