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Amin Elhassan @AminESPN

Everyone who says "all" Harden does is draw fouls isn't appreciating how hard is it to recognize &react quickly before defender can withdraw

Clippers coming up big in the fourth

With a deluge of 3-pointers, Los Angeles has taken a double-digit lead on the Rockets with less than 3 minutes left in regulation. Blake Griffin is leading the way, and he's 1 rebound shy of a triple-double. Follow live


Arash Markazi @ArashMarkazi

This is as vocal as I've ever seen Blake Griffin on the court. He is, by his own admission, a quiet leader who leads by example usually.

Calvin Watkins @calvinwatkins

Rockets look very disjointed on offense. Need to get more touches for Howard on the post and Harden in clear situations.

Arash Markazi @ArashMarkazi

Chris Paul high fiving each one of his teammates before the start of the fourth quarter. "We're going to win this one," he tells them.

ESPN Stats & Info @ESPNStatsInfo

Clippers saw big improvement when Austin Rivers brought the ball up in the 3rd 6-19, 15 points in 1st half 8-11, 24 points in 3rd quarter

Clippers take third quarter lead to bank

Did Jamal Crawford call "bank" on his 3-pointer off the glass near the end of the 3rd? It counted either way, and the Clippers lead the Rockets 83-77. But keep an eye on Blake Griffin, who picked up his fourth foul. Follow live


Russillo @ryenarussillo

Some series the better teams know they are better, then close it out. We will see if Houston is one of those teams tonight.


Clippers are 5-5 on 3-pointers in the third quarter after shooting 2-15 on them in the first half.

Turnovers tell the story of Game 1

Chris Paul can't be enjoying himself on the Clippers bench, as the two teams have combined for 35 turnovers already. The Rockets hold a one-possession lead midway through the third quarter. Follow live