Chris Bosh selected to All-Star Game

2/3/2011 - NBA Chris Bosh Miami Heat + more

ORLANDO -- Chris Bosh has been a mainstay on the Eastern Conference All-Star team for years, and now, unlike some of his time in Toronto, he's on a highly-competitive team that would seem to only raise his profile.

Yet there was a little flicker of doubt he could be a snub, which is why teammates and coaches found themselves needing to publicly back a guy who has made it the last five years. It was an indication that the Heat understand they aren't the most popular team and have gotten used to some backlash.

In the end, it was needless worry as Bosh became the third member of the Heat to be selected to play in Los Angeles in two weeks.

"It matters to me, I would've been really disappointed [if I didn't make it]," Bosh said. "Guys will say they want the time off but then if they don't call your name, you'll be a little tight. It is still getting the accolade and the award and knowing for another year you're an All-Star."

Bosh is averaging 18.5 points and 8.2 rebounds this season, his lowest totals in both categories since his pre-All-Star days in his first two seasons in Toronto. But the coaches clearly rewarded Bosh for his part in the Heat's still impressive record as they did by naming four Celtics as reserves.

"Numbers wise it has been a lot different because my role has significantly changed," Bosh said. "I made it [as an All-Star] in my head a long time ago."