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Thursday, June 20
Updated: Thursday, June 20, 12:48 PM ET
Early-entry list set at 47 underclassmen

NEW YORK -- Western Kentucky shot-blocker Chris Marcus and Purdue scoring star Willie Deane were among 24 players who withdrew their names as early entry candidates for next week's NBA draft.

The 7-foot-1 Marcus is Hilltoppers' all-time leader in blocks with 212, while Deane led the Boilermakers in scoring with 17.3 points per game last season.

The remaining early entry list released Thursday by the NBA includes 42 high school and college players and five international players. Among those eligible are Jay Williams, Carlos Boozer and Mike Dunleavy, who helped Duke to the NCAA tournament championship two years ago, and Chris Wilcox, a member of this year's national championship team at Maryland.

The draft is set for June 26 at Madison Square Garden. Here are the underclassmen eligible to be drafted.

Lee Benson
College: Brown Mackie College (Salina, Kan.) | Ht: 6-11
2001-02 Stats: 35 ppg | 13.6 rpg
Andy Katz's take: Benson is an intriguing draft pick. He's older, has a checkered past that he's trying to recover from (spent eight years in prison before arriving at Brown Mackie), but he's a talent. NBA scouts are interested in giving him a serious look for the second round. He's got the raw skills to develop into a forward in the league but he really had no choice given his age. He had to go or else he would be pushing 30 by the time he would be drafted.

Rodney Bias
College: Shelton State | Ht: 6-9
2000-01 Stats: 20.1 ppg | 18.1 rpg
Andy Katz's take: Bias never qualified academically to play at Alabama and he split on the JC, too. All of that might turn off a few NBA teams that might even consider taking him. Bias was expected to be a role player at Alabama, not a star, which doesn't bode well for him being drafted.

Cordell Billups
College: Pierce College (Wash.)
Class: Sophomore | Ht: 6-3

Carlos Boozer
College: Duke
Class: Junior | Position: Center | Ht: 6-9 | Wt: 280
2001-02 Stats: 18.3 ppg | 8.8 rpg
Andy Katz's take: Boozer is still undersized for the league but he takes a high percentage of shots. He's foul prone but scouts still see him in the middle to late of the first round.

Curtis Borchardt
College: Stanford
Class: Junior | Position: Center | Ht: 7-0 | Wt: 230
2001-02 Stats: 17.0 ppg | 11.4 rpg
Andy Katz's take: NBA scouts have looked at Curtis Borchardt as one of the, if not the best big man in the draft. That's right, better than Chris Marcus. Borchardt certainly proved it in the NCAA first-round matchup against the Western Kentucky big man. Borchardt is a lock for the lottery, the question is how high?

Caron Butler
College: Connecticut
Class: Sophomore | Position: Forward | Ht: 6-7 | Wt: 235
2001-02 Stats: 19.5 ppg | 7.6 rpg
Andy Katz's take: Butler became one of the top seven players in the draft with his play in the NCAA Tournament and the final few weeks of the Big East season. He elevated his stock with his ability to score from all over the court, especially on the offensive backboard. He had to declare, considering he was peaking. Scouts have grown to love his game and his physique. He has matured over the past year and will represent his team well in a new market. He's an older sophomore at 23 so a team will get a more veteran rookie next season.

DeAngelo Collins
High School: Inglewood (California) | Ht: 6-10
2001-02 Stats: 24 ppg | 18 rpg
Andy Katz's take: His size at 6-10 is intriguing to teams. The McDonald's All-American has potential to be a first-round pick and looks like at least a lock for the second.

Lenny Cooke
High School: Northern Valley Regional | Ht: 6-6
Andy Katz's take: He's an interesting talent, and like nearly 40 other players, he's in that group of players from 20-28 in the first round. There's nothing wrong with his talent level, although he tends to make the game more difficult than it has to be on the court. But the question the NBA scouts have is about his mental makeup.

Mike Dunleavy
College: Duke
Class: Junior | Position: Forward | Ht: 6-9 | Wt: 220
2001-02 Stats: 17.3 ppg | 7.2 rpg
Andy Katz's take: Dunleavy immediately changes the lottery. He could go anywhere from No. 3 to No. 8. He's as versatile a three man as any in the draft. He might be one of the best shooters in this draft and once his body matures then he can take his game inside more often in the NBA. He has the character issue sewn up and won't be a risk for any team drafting him. It's hard to see him returning to school once he is in the draft because he'll go so high.

Peter Fehse
Team: SV Halle (Germany)
Born: 1983 | Position: Forward | Ht: 6-11

Drew Gooden
College: Kansas
Class: Junior | Position: Forward | Ht: 6-10 | Wt: 230
2001-02 Stats: 20.4 ppg | 11.3 rpg
Andy Katz's take: Gooden's decision to declare was a no-brainer after his Big 12 MVP season. Gooden's stock soared with the NBA scouts. He's a lock for the lottery, possibly in the top five. He's an inside-out scorer who runs the floor exceptionally well. His on- and off-court demeanor matured throughout this season and he's ready to make the transition to the NBA.

Rod Grizzard
College: Alabama
Class: Junior | Position: Forward | Ht: 6-8 | Wt: 205
2001-02 Stats: 14.3 ppg | 6.0 rpg
Andy Katz's take: Grizzard is a super athlete who could climb dramatically with NBA scouts if he works out well and plays equally well in Chicago. A number of scouts like him, even more than Gerald Wallace (who left Bama after his freshman season last year) because of his overall game. He's not as athletic as Wallace, but has the potential to do more offensively. Grizzard has to improve his 3-point shooting. He should be an intriguing player to watch over the next two months.

Marcus Haislip
College: Tennessee
Class: Junior | Position: Forward | Ht: 6-10 | Wt: 230
2001-02 Stats: 16.7 ppg | 6.7 rpg
Andy Katz's take: A shot blocker and a scorer in the post. Haislip could still add some bulk but scouts love his upside and is a possible first round pick.

Rashid Hardwick
College: Eastern Oklahoma State
Class: Freshman | Position: Center | Ht: 7-0

Adam Harrington
College: Auburn
Class: Junior | Position: Guard | Ht: 6-5 | Wt: 200
2001-02 Stats: 10.1 ppg | 3.5 rpg
Andy Katz's take: He's a pure shooter but didn't make enough shots to get Auburn out of the cellar in the SEC. He's worth a tryout, but it's probably a reach to take him in the second round. He would be better served by going back to Auburn for his senion season and trying to make a name for himself in the SEC.

Maybyner "Nene" Hilario
Team: Vasco da Gama (Brazil)
Born: 1982 | Position: Forward | Ht: 6-9

Casey Jacobsen
College: Stanford
Class: Junior | Position: Guard | Ht: 6-6 | Wt: 210
2001-02 Stats: 22.0 ppg | 4.4 rpg
Andy Katz's take: He's a shooter, but the question is can he get his own shot? Scouts see his shooting touch as first-round material but that all depends on who else declares.

Chris Jefferies
College: Fresno State
Class: Junior | Position: Forward | Ht: 6-8 | Wt: 216
2001-02 Stats: 17.3 ppg | 6.3 rpg
Andy Katz's take: Jefferies has the talent to make a splash in the first round, but he's got to prove he belongs by working out well. Scouts have loved his versatility and upside throughout his career. But the onus is on him to ensure he can get in the first round over the next month.

Jared Jeffries
College: Indiana
Class: Sophomore | Position: Forward | Ht: 6-10 | Wt: 215
2001-02 Stats: 15.2 ppg | 7.5 rpg
Andy Katz's take: Jeffries has the savvy that scouts are looking for in a lottery pick. He's a scorer inside and out, and while he's not as strong as scouts would like, he's still got the goods to be a top 10 pick. He improved each season and he'll just keep getting better.

Nenad Krstic
Team: Partizan (Yugoslavia)
Born: 1983 | Position: Center | Ht: 6-11

Muhammed Lasege
College Louisville
Class: Sophomore | Position: Forward | Ht: 6-11
2000-01 Stats: 3.6 ppg | 3.3 rpg
Andy Katz's take: He got eligible for the latter part of the season -- two years ago -- but the NCAA nixed his 2001-02 season under Rick Pitino. They called him a pro for signing a contract and he lost a Kentucky supreme court case to overturn the ruling. He spent the season under Pitino's watch and that might get him some workouts and a tryout, but probably not a draft pick

Tito Maddox
College: Fresno State
Class: Sophomore | Position: Guard | Ht: 6-4 | Wt: 190
2000-01 Stats: 13.5 ppg | 8.0 apg
Andy Katz's take: Maddox nearly bolted for the NBA after his freshman season and then was forced to turn pro when he was dismissed from the program in the fall for a second violation after taking an extra benefit from an agent. He spent the season working out after not sticking in a minor league. He's still got the skills to be a first-round pick, but his year off means he's likely in the second round. He's a taller point who can make the tough pass but he's not that good a shooter and that brings down his stock.

Kei Madison
College: Okaloosa-Walton JC (Fla.) | Ht: 6-8
2001-02 Stats: 12.1 ppg | 10.4 rpg
Andy Katz's take: Power player who is a lock for the second round and could play himself into the first round through workouts because of his scoring ability.

Roger Mason Jr.
College: Virginia
Class: Junior | Position: Guard | Ht: 6-5 | Wt: 201
2001-02 Stats: 18.9 ppg | 4.1 apg
Andy Katz's take: Roger will find out that scouts view him as a mid-to-late second-round pick at best. Someone is telling him he's a first-round pick but they can't be talking to scouts. He's a two guard in the league but the consensus is that he should go back to school.

Smush Parker
College: Fordham
Class: Sophomore | Position: Guard | Ht: 6-4 | Wt: 190
2001-02 Stats: 16.5 ppg | 4.4 apg
Andy Katz's take: Scouts have flocked to see Parker throughout the season and will push for him to get to Chicago for the pre-draft camp. Parker declared for the draft and wants to go to Chicago to see where he is in the draft. If he's projected to be a first-round pick, then he has told Fordham he will stay in the draft. If he's not assured he would be a first-round pick then he'll return. He'll have to prove that he's a first-round pick in Chicago because NBA scouts aren't sold on him just yet.

Giedrius Rinkevicius
High School Bridgton Academy (Maine) | Ht: 7-2
Andy Katz's take: Rinkevicius didn't qualify academically to go to Missouri and told the staff that he would declare for the NBA draft. The Lithuanian center is thin and would struggle to compete in the NBA at this juncture. He'll have a hard time getting a good look. But he is 7-2 and that means someone could take a flyer on him in the second round.

Kareem Rush
College: Missouri
Class: Junior | Position: Forward | Ht: 6-6 | Wt: 218
2001-02 Stats: 20.1 ppg | 5.1 rpg
Andy Katz's take: He's a pure two guard but his ballhandling skills have to keep getting better to stick in the league. Scouts love his left-handed touch and his shot selection has improved. But they all consider him a bubble lottery selection and that might make it hard for him to stay in the draft.

Jamal Sampson
College: California
Class: Freshman | Position: Forward | Ht: 6-11 | Wt: 235
2001-02 Stats: 6.7 ppg | 6.5 rpg
Andy Katz's take: He's got size, which can't be taught, but he's not refined enough as an offensive threat or a defensive stopper to be in the first round. He should go back to school or face the embarrassment of not being drafted or landing late in the second round.

Jerry Sanders
College: Northern Illinois
Class: Sophomore | Position: Forward | Ht: 6-8
2000-01 Stats: 9.3 ppg | 4.3 rpg (in 3 games)

Mladen Sekularac
Team: FMP Zeleznik (Yugoslavia)
Born: 1981 | Position: Forward | Ht: 6-10

Eddie Shelby
College: Dixie State College (Utah)
Class: Sophomore | Position: Guard | Ht: 6-3
2000-01 Stats: 13.3 ppg | 4.2 rpg

Bobby Smith
College: Robert Morris (Ill.)
Class: Junior | Position: Guard | Ht: 6-3
2000-01 Stats: 27.1 ppg | 5.7 rpg

Melvin Steward
College: Eastern New Mexico
Class: Junior | Position: Guard | Ht: 6-4

Amare Stoudemire
High School: Cypress Creek (Orlando, Fla.) | Ht: 6-10 | Wt. 240
2001-02 Stats: 30.0 ppg | 16 rpg
Andy Katz's take: He's a big-time athlete, who has a knack for rebounding. He can get out and run better than most players his size and already has a typical NBA body. The question remains, however, will he pick up the nuances of the game and handle the intricacies of the NBA. He has the upside that scouts covet and he's a lock for the lottery. Everyone is always afraid they'll miss out on a potential Tracy McGrady or Kevin Garnett.

Marcus Taylor
College: Michigan State
Class: Sophomore | Position: Guard | Ht: 6-3 | Wt: 195
2001-02 Stats: 16.8 ppg | 5.2 apg
Andy Katz's take: Taylor declared but he's not a sure first-round pick. He's still stuck trying to be a wing when he's got a point guard body. His playmaking has to improve for him to stick in the first round or else go back to school.

Terrell Taylor
College: Creighton
Class: Junior | Position: Guard | Ht: 6-3 | Wt: 200
2001-02 Stats: 12.6 ppg | 2.8 rpg
Andy Katz's take: Terrell made the shot that sent Creighton into the second round but he couldn't stick it out with the Bluejays. Personality clashes with coach Dana Altman forced him to leave the program. Instead of trying his luck at Division II, he's going for the draft. He's a reach in the second round but might make a summer team roster.

Nikoloz Tskitishvili
Team: Benetton Treviso (Italy)
Born: 1983 | Position: Forward | Ht: 6-11

Dajuan Wagner
College: Memphis
Class: Freshman | Position: Guard | Ht: 6-3 | Wt: 200
2001-02 Stats: 21.1 ppg | 2.5 rpg
Andy Katz's take: This was a no brainer. Wagner was a lock for the lottery from the moment he signed at Memphis. He had a decent season by his standards. His defense improved under John Calipari and he's more mature after spending a season at Memphis. He led the Tigers to a postseason NIT title, so the season wasn't a waste. He did get better and is more prepared for the NBA. Scouts tell ESPN.com he won't fall below No. 8. He has the potential to go as high as No. 3.

Adrian Walton
College: Fordham
Class: Freshman | Position: Guard | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 190
2001-02 Stats: 9.7 ppg | 2.2 apg
Andy Katz's take: Adrian Walton announced he's leaving Fordham and will be in the draft. But will he be taken? No. Walton is 20 and was quoted as saying he needs to make a living. Well, he'll probably have to do that in a minor league somewhere on the globe. He didn't stand out enough at Fordham to make a case for himself.

Joseph Ward
College: Fort Hays State (Kansas)
Class: Junior | Position: Forward | Ht: 6-6
2001-02 Stats: 7.1 ppg | 3.4 rpg

Omar Weaver
College: Riverside CC | Ht: 6-7
2001-02 Stats: 20.0 ppg | 7.4 rpg
Andy Katz's take: Weaver has moved around quite a bit since his junior season of high school, signing with Missouri as a senior in 2000 but taking the JUCO route instead. He most likely would have honored his commitment to play at Fresno State next season, but changed his mind after Jerry Tarkanian retired. The wing can score and has a nice outside shot as well as solid post moves. But he hasn't played against the level of talent he will at the next level, thus isn't a lock for the first round.

Chris Wilcox
College: Maryland
Class: Junior | Position: Forward | Ht: 6-10 | Wt: 220
2001-02 Stats: 11.6 ppg | 7.5 rpg
Andy Katz's take: Few players have elevated themselves in the draft over the course of a season like Wilcox. He wasn't considered a lock for the top 10 prior to the season but his strength, size and overall athleticism has created a buzz about him throughout the season. Wilcox is considered a raw talent who could be a star if he continues to develop his post moves. Scouts don't see him dropping below 10.

Troy Wiley
College: Rhode Island
Class: Junior | Position: Forward | Ht: 6-8 | Wt: 210
2001-02 Stats: 14.1 ppg | 5.2 rpg
Andy Katz's take: When I quizzed a number of scouts on Wiley, the answer was who? That should say enough about his chances in the NBA draft. Just getting workouts might be tough. This could be another example of a player who just wants out of college but has been told you have to go through the NBA draft process to get in the 'D' League and maybe onto ESPN's documentary about the fledgling league.

Frank Williams
College: Illinois
Class: Junior | Position: Guard | Ht: 6-3 | Wt: 205
2001-02 Stats: 15.8 ppg | 4.2 apg
Andy Katz's take: When he wants to play, Williams can get to the basket on a whim, defend anyone on the ball and be a true lead guard. That's why he'll be in the late lottery.

George Williams
College: Houston
Class: Junior | Position: Forward | Ht: 6-8 | Wt: 215
2001-02 Stats: 10.3 ppg | 7.2 rpg
Andy Katz's take: He's viewed as a great person, really athletic but he's stuck in between being a three man with four skills. His shooting has improved but he's got a ways to go and there's no way he's a first-round pick. His best-case scenario is to get enough information to return to school.

Jay Williams
College: Duke
Class: Junior | Position: Guard | Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 195
2001-02 Stats: 21.7 ppg | 5.4 apg
Andy Katz's take: Forget about missing a free throw against Indiana. He's still the best player in the draft and can't drop below No. 2.

Qyntel Woods
College: Northeast Mississippi JC | Ht: 6-8
2001-02 Stats: 32.3 ppg | 10.0 rpg
Andy Katz's take: He's a scorer who would have made Memphis a top 20 team immediately but Woods declined and is instead a lock for the lottery. Woods can score from anywhere in the lane and has the rebounding tools, too.

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