(3) Tigers 5, Owls 3



5:00 PM ET
June 6, 2009
Note: Stats updated after each half inning.
Tigers LSU
D LeMahieu 2B4110002.339
R Schimpf LF3110210.335
B Dean DH4120103.336
M Gibbs C4001113.280
M Mahtook CF5011012.316
J Mitchell RF4110113.324
S Ochinko 1B3010011.330
D Helenihi 3B4122011.322
A Nola SS3010011.240
2B: D LeMahieu (12, R Berry); A Nola (3, R Berry); J Mitchell (12, R Berry); B Dean (16, R Berry); M Mahtook (7, Ja Rogers)
HR: D Helenihi (4, 6th inning off R Berry 0 on, 0 Out)
RBI: M Mahtook (31), D Helenihi 2 (22), M Gibbs (39)
S: D LeMahieu
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: J Mitchell 2, D LeMahieu 2, M Gibbs 1
Team LOB: 10
SB: J Mitchell (35, 2nd base off Ja Rogers/C Manuel)
CS: J Mitchell (9, 3rd base by Ja Rogers/C Manuel)
E: M Mahtook (3, bobble)
Tigers LSU
L Coleman (W, 13-2)8.0933052118-822.80
M Ott (S, 16)1.000001013-82.12
HBP: R Hague 2 (By L Coleman 2); R Lewis (By M Ott)
Batters faced: L Coleman 33; M Ott 4
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: L Coleman 7-10; M Ott 1-1
Owls Rice
B Holt 2B5131011.353
R Hague SS2000010.316
C Mozingo RF3010002.320
A Rendon 3B1000012.387
   J Buenger 1B3000001.233
D Seastrunk DH4221002.291
M Fuda LF4021011.362
S Sultzbaugh CF4010002.323
C Manuel C4000001.284
J Comerota 1B-3B3000020.281
   a-R Lewis PH0000000.289
2B: D Seastrunk (15, L Coleman)
HR: B Holt (12, 3rd inning off L Coleman 0 on, 1 Out); D Seastrunk (7, 6th inning off L Coleman 0 on, 1 Out)
RBI: B Holt (43), M Fuda (21), D Seastrunk (45)
S: C Mozingo
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: M Fuda 1, D Seastrunk 2, C Mozingo 1
Team LOB: 7
CS: M Fuda (4, 2nd base by L Coleman/M Gibbs); S Sultzbaugh (5, 2nd base by L Coleman/M Gibbs)
Outfield Assist: S Sultzbaugh (S Ochinko at 3rd base).
Owls Rice
R Berry (L, 7-2)5.0855461112-602.80
Ja Rogers4.020011041-235.66
WP: R Berry; Ja Rogers
IBB: B Dean (By Ja Rogers)
HBP: A Nola (By R Berry); S Ochinko (By Ja Rogers)
Batters faced: R Berry 27; Ja Rogers 15
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: R Berry 6-2; Ja Rogers 6-4
Scoring Summary
1stM Mahtook grounded out to shortstop, D LeMahieu scored, R Schimpf to third, M Gibbs to second.10
3rdB Holt homered to center.11
4thD Helenihi singled to center, J Mitchell scored, S Ochinko to second, S Ochinko thrown out at third attempting to advance on play. D Helenihi to second advancing on throw.21
4thM Fuda reached on bunt single to pitcher, D Seastrunk scored.22
5thM Gibbs grounded out to second, R Schimpf scored, B Dean to third.32
5thB Dean scored on R Berry's wild pitch.42
6thD Helenihi homered to right.52
6thD Seastrunk homered to left.53
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