Horned Frogs 4, (1) Longhorns 10

HORNED FROGS1001020004


6:00 PM ET
June 6, 2009
Note: Stats updated after each half inning.
Horned Frogs TCU
C Steglich 2B-CF4000000.301
T Featherston SS-2B4121010.320
M Carpenter 3B4221001.338
M Vern 1B3112110.363
B Holaday C4010011.296
C Ellington RF4010010.341
J Coats LF4000010.328
M Curry DH4000022.318
A Schultz CF3000000.254
   B Carruthers SS0000000.275
HR: T Featherston (5, 1st inning off C Ruffin 0 on, 1 Out); M Carpenter (10, 4th inning off C Ruffin 0 on, 0 Out); M Vern (16, 6th inning off C Ruffin 1 on, 2 Out)
RBI: T Featherston (28), M Carpenter (32), M Vern 2 (52)
2-out RBI: M Vern 2
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: M Curry 1
Team LOB: 4
E: M Carpenter (7, bunt)
Horned Frogs TCU
K Winkler (L, 7-1)5.155432182-494.15
E Miller0.131110022-114.50
T Appleby1.144411135-193.61
S Maxwell1.00000009-56.10
IBB: B Belt (By E Miller)
Batters faced: K Winkler 25; E Miller 5; T Appleby 8; S Maxwell 3
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: K Winkler 10-5; E Miller 0-1; T Appleby 2-0; S Maxwell 3-0
Longhorns Texas
M Torres 3B5344001.311
T Tucker 2B4121110.286
B Belt 1B3010100.338
K Keyes RF5012013.302
   K Lusson RF0000000.174
B Loy SS4110111.305
P Clark DH2210100.271
C Rupp C2110002.284
C Rowe CF2112000.279
D Hernandez LF2001001.268
   a-R Moldenhauer PH0000100.250
   T Maitland PR-LF0100000.200
2B: T Tucker (11, E Miller); K Keyes (13, K Winkler)
HR: M Torres 2 (4, 2nd inning off K Winkler 0 on, 2 Out; 7th inning off T Appleby 2 on, 2 Out)
RBI: K Keyes 2 (39), M Torres 4 (32), D Hernandez (12), C Rowe 2 (35), T Tucker (27)
S: C Rupp 2, B Belt, C Rowe 2, P Clark, D Hernandez
2-out RBI: M Torres 4, T Tucker
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: C Rupp 1, M Torres 1, K Keyes 2
Team LOB: 7
CS: T Tucker (3, 2nd base by T Appleby/B Holaday)
Longhorns Texas
C Ruffin (W, 10-2)9.0744173127-853.03
Batters faced: C Ruffin 35
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: C Ruffin 8-12
Scoring Summary
1stT Featherston homered to left.10
1stK Keyes doubled to deep left center, M Torres and T Tucker scored.12
2ndM Torres homered to right.13
4thM Carpenter homered to right.23
4thD Hernandez sacrificed to first, P Clark scored, C Rupp to third.24
6thM Vern homered to left, M Carpenter scored.44
6thC Rowe singled to shallow center, P Clark scored.45
6thT Tucker singled to left center, C Rowe scored, M Torres to second, M Torres to third, T Tucker to second advancing on throw.46
7thC Rowe sacrificed to pitcher, B Loy scored, C Rupp to second.47
7thM Torres homered to right, C Rupp and R Moldenhauer scored.410
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