Rebels 3, Cavaliers 4



12:00 PM ET
June 6, 2009
Note: Stats updated after each half inning.
Rebels Ole Miss
J Henry CF4110102.344
L Power LF-RF3112101.315
M Snyder DH3100110.302
M Smith 1B3000132.333
K Henson C3011100.333
   B Basham C0000000.287
Z Miller 3B4020001.343
D Phillips RF3000013.296
   M Hubbard LF0000000.295
K Mort SS4000002.291
E Button 2B3010010.330
   a-T Ferguson PH0000100.355
2B: J Henry (11, R Morey); Z Miller (15, A Carraway)
HR: L Power (7, 1st inning off R Morey 1 on, 0 Out)
RBI: L Power 2 (58), K Henson (34)
S: M Hubbard
GIDP: D Phillips
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: L Power 1, M Smith 2, J Henry 1
Team LOB: 7
E: E Button (9, throw)
Rebels Ole Miss
D Pomeranz7.07223100146-903.40
D Goforth (L, 1-1; B, 1)1.012010028-172.80
Batters faced: D Pomeranz 31; D Goforth 6
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: D Pomeranz 6-5; D Goforth 1-2
Cavaliers Virginia
J Parker CF5000023.369
T Cannon SS4011010.344
P Gosselin 2B3020100.310
   K Werman 2B0000000.367
D Grovatt RF3000112.370
J Hicks DH4000024.301
D Hultzen 1B4220010.335
S Proscia 3B3110112.325
F Valdes C4011022.289
J Barr LF3112102.305
   S Halley LF0000000.500
2B: J Barr (3, D Pomeranz)
RBI: T Cannon (36), J Barr 2 (15), F Valdes (40)
2-out RBI: T Cannon, J Barr
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: J Parker 1, J Barr 1, J Hicks 3, D Grovatt 1
Team LOB: 9
SB: J Barr (4, 2nd base off D Pomeranz/K Henson); P Gosselin 2 (22, 2nd base off D Pomeranz/K Henson 2); S Proscia (10, 2nd base off D Pomeranz/K Henson); D Hultzen (8, 2nd base off D Goforth/B Basham)
DP: 1 (P Gosselin-T Cannon-D Hultzen).
Outfield Assist: J Barr (M Smith at 3rd base).
Cavaliers Virginia
R Morey5.023354190-483.11
A Carraway (W, 8-1)3.140002042-294.18
M Packer (S, 3)0.200010012-64.09
IBB: T Ferguson (By M Packer)
Batters faced: R Morey 22; A Carraway 12; M Packer 3
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: R Morey 6-5; A Carraway 5-2; M Packer 1-1
Scoring Summary
1stL Power homered to left, J Henry scored.20
3rdT Cannon singled to shallow center, J Barr scored.21
4thJ Barr doubled to right, D Hultzen scored.22
6thK Henson singled to left, M Snyder scored, M Smith to second, M Smith tagged out at third attempting to advance on play. K Henson to second advancing on throw.32
8thF Valdes singled to right, D Hultzen scored, S Proscia to third.33
8thJ Barr grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, S Proscia scored, F Valdes out at second.34
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