(4) Tar Heels 9, Pirates 3

TAR HEELS00200510109


12:00 PM ET
June 7, 2009
Note: Stats updated after each half inning.
Tar Heels North Carolina
B Bunting LF3210211.333
D Ackley 1B4113110.412
K Seager 3B4012010.386
R Graepel SS4010112.279
L Michael 2B5010003.298
M Fleury C5120010.315
G Gore RF5441010.307
M Cavasinni CF3021000.260
J Stallings DH2000012.216
   a-S Baldwin PH-DH1102000.222
2B: M Fleury (19, K Brandt)
HR: D Ackley (22, 6th inning off S Simmons 2 on, 1 Out); G Gore (6, 9th inning off B Daniels 0 on, 2 Out)
RBI: K Seager 2 (59), M Cavasinni (23), S Baldwin 2 (13), D Ackley 3 (70), G Gore (43)
S: K Seager, M Cavasinni
SF: S Baldwin
2-out RBI: K Seager 2, G Gore
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: R Graepel 1, J Stallings 1, B Bunting 1, L Michael 1
Team LOB: 8
SB: M Cavasinni (9, 2nd base off P Somers/J Avchen)
Picked Off: M Fleury (1st base by K Brandt)
DP: 1 (R Graepel-L Michael-D Ackley).
Tar Heels North Carolina
A Warren (W, 9-2)7.1833180118-683.23
B Moran1.220001017-121.95
Batters faced: A Warren 30; B Moran 7
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: A Warren 7-7; B Moran 3-1
Pirates East Carolina
T Whitehead CF5120001.376
R Wood 2B4110000.379
S Batts LF4000040.352
K Roller DH4001001.336
B Henderson 1B3012100.330
D Harris RF4010021.340
D Harrington SS4010010.318
D Schieber 3B4020013.311
J Avchen C2010001.330
   a-A Homan PH1110000.354
   Z Wright C0000000.295
   b-C Thompson PH1000010.467
2B: D Schieber (16, B Moran)
RBI: K Roller (1), B Henderson 2 (57)
2-out RBI: B Henderson 2
GIDP: R Wood
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: D Schieber 1, T Whitehead 1
Team LOB: 7
Pirates East Carolina
K Brandt (L, 9-2)5.063335085-473.64
B Mincey0.123310014-73.16
S Simmons1.042201133-223.69
P Somers1.200001021-135.64
B Daniels1.011100110-54.35
HBP: M Cavasinni (By K Brandt)
Batters faced: K Brandt 24; B Mincey 4; S Simmons 7; P Somers 5; B Daniels 4
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: K Brandt 8-1; B Mincey 1-0; S Simmons 1-1; P Somers 1-3; B Daniels 1-2
Scoring Summary
3rdK Seager singled to left center, G Gore and B Bunting scored, D Ackley to third.20
6thM Cavasinni singled to center, M Fleury scored, G Gore to third.30
6thS Baldwin grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, G Gore scored, M Cavasinni out at second.40
6thD Ackley homered to left, S Baldwin and B Bunting scored.70
7thS Baldwin hit sacrifice fly to center, G Gore scored.80
8thK Roller grounded out to second, A Homan scored, T Whitehead to third, R Wood to second.81
8thB Henderson singled to right, T Whitehead and R Wood scored.83
9thG Gore homered to center.93
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