(2) Cal State Fullerton 5, Virginia 7



2:00 PM ET
June 15, 2009
Note: Stats updated after each half inning.
Cal State Fullerton Titans
C Colon SS4211102.357
G Brown RF5031011.340
J Fellhauer CF5020013.396
J Clark 1B4131102.363
   S Shima PR0000000.268
K Davis DH5000018.328
D Garneau C4112011.284
J Newman LF3010101.296
J Scott 2B1000101.313
   a-T Pill PH1000010.269
J Siddons 3B4120002.371
2B: J Fellhauer (12, A Carraway)
HR: D Garneau (5, 2nd inning off R Morey 1 on, 1 Out); C Colon (8, 3rd inning off R Morey 0 on, 0 Out)
RBI: D Garneau 2 (28), C Colon (40), G Brown (40), J Clark (82)
S: J Scott
2-out RBI: J Clark
GIDP: J Scott, C Colon
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: J Siddons 1, K Davis 2, J Newman 1
Team LOB: 9
SB: J Siddons (9, 2nd base off K Arico/F Valdes)
CS: J Fellhauer (13, 2nd base by R Morey/F Valdes)
Picked Off: C Colon (1st base by A Carraway)
Outfield Assist: J Fellhauer (T Cannon at 2nd base).
Cal State Fullerton Titans
D Renken (L, 11-3)5.266635095-602.69
Ni Ramirez2.131112035-222.61
Batters faced: D Renken 26; Ni Ramirez 10
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: D Renken 4-8; Ni Ramirez 3-1
Virginia Cavaliers
T Cannon SS2111200.348
D Hultzen 1B2012100.332
P Gosselin LF4011023.307
D Grovatt RF4010010.361
S Proscia 3B4110013.329
J Parker CF3100122.355
J Hicks DH4111010.302
F Valdes C4110002.297
K Werman 2B4222000.406
2B: S Proscia (21, D Renken); P Gosselin (17, D Renken); F Valdes (14, D Renken); K Werman (2, Ni Ramirez)
RBI: J Hicks (38), K Werman 2 (10), D Hultzen 2 (36), P Gosselin (64), T Cannon (38)
S: D Hultzen
2-out RBI: K Werman 2, D Hultzen 2, T Cannon
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: J Parker 1, P Gosselin 1, S Proscia 1
Team LOB: 5
SB: D Hultzen (9, 2nd base off Ni Ramirez/D Garneau)
E: S Proscia (13, throw)
DP: 2 (K Werman-T Cannon-D Hultzen, T Cannon-D Hultzen).
PB: F Valdes.
Virginia Cavaliers
R Morey4.053321252-323.33
A Carraway (W, 9-1)2.240021043-234.00
M Packer0.10000001-14.18
T Wilson1.010001017-123.02
K Arico1.032102025-172.25
WP: T Wilson
Batters faced: R Morey 18; A Carraway 11; M Packer 1; T Wilson 4; K Arico 7
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: R Morey 5-5; A Carraway 5-1; M Packer 0-1; T Wilson 1-1; K Arico 1-0
Scoring Summary
2ndD Garneau homered to left, J Clark scored.20
2ndJ Hicks singled to left, S Proscia scored, J Parker to second.21
2ndK Werman singled to center, J Parker scored, J Hicks to third.22
2ndD Hultzen singled to left, J Hicks and K Werman scored, T Cannon to second.24
3rdC Colon homered to left.34
5thP Gosselin doubled to deep left center, T Cannon scored.35
6thK Werman doubled to center, F Valdes scored.36
6thT Cannon singled to center, K Werman scored, T Cannon tagged out at second attempting to advance on play.37
9thG Brown singled to center, J Siddons scored, C Colon to third.47
9thJ Clark reached on infield single to shortstop, C Colon scored, G Brown to second.57
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