(4) Tar Heels 11, Golden Eagles 4

TAR HEELS11420020111


2:00 PM ET
June 16, 2009
Note: Stats updated after each half inning.
Tar Heels North Carolina
B Bunting LF5332101.332
D Ackley 1B6153000.421
K Seager 3B4122210.393
M Fleury C4121105.314
G Gore RF6120000.309
L Michael 2B6010003.295
R Graepel SS5142112.284
M Cavasinni CF5120001.268
S Baldwin DH2211110.234
   a-J Stallings PH-DH2010002.232
2B: G Gore (6, J Ballinger); D Ackley (18, J Ballinger)
HR: K Seager (6, 9th inning off W Weathers 0 on, 1 Out)
RBI: D Ackley 3 (73), S Baldwin (14), B Bunting 2 (37), R Graepel 2 (41), K Seager 2 (61), M Fleury (60)
SF: M Fleury
2-out RBI: D Ackley 2, S Baldwin, B Bunting 2, R Graepel 2
GIDP: K Seager
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: R Graepel 1, M Fleury 3, J Stallings 1, L Michael 3
Team LOB: 14
SB: S Baldwin (1, 2nd base off J Ballinger/T Graves)
CS: D Ackley (5, 3rd base by C Schlagel/T Graves); M Cavasinni (3, 2nd base by J Stanley/T Graves)
Picked Off: D Ackley (2nd base by C Schlagel)
E: R Graepel (12, throw)
DP: 2 (L Michael-R Graepel-D Ackley, K Seager-L Michael-D Ackley).
Tar Heels North Carolina
A Warren (W, 10-2)6.0333561126-683.31
C Bates2.011010030-172.88
P Johnson0.21000005-42.88
N Striz0.10000002-13.37
WP: C Bates
Batters faced: A Warren 26; C Bates 8; P Johnson 2; N Striz 1
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: A Warren 7-5; C Bates 4-2; P Johnson 2-0; N Striz 1-0
Golden Eagles Southern Miss
B Davis CF2000310.359
J Ewing 2B3000102.308
K Brunty LF4000022.336
C Stevens RF3100101.320
J Archer 1B4110010.306
M Ewing DH2100110.237
   a-B Dozier PH-DH1000000.391
B Vollmuth SS4113001.237
T Graves C3010010.254
   b-A Doleac PH1010000.333
T Walker 3B4010000.305
2B: J Archer (14, C Bates)
HR: B Vollmuth (8, 4th inning off A Warren 2 on, 1 Out)
RBI: B Vollmuth 3 (28)
GIDP: J Ewing, T Walker
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: K Brunty 1, C Stevens 1, J Ewing 1, B Vollmuth 1
Team LOB: 6
E: C Schlagel (1, throw)
DP: 2 (J Ewing-B Vollmuth-J Archer, J Ewing-J Archer).
Golden Eagles Southern Miss
J Ballinger (L, 6-4)2.296640071-364.40
C Schlagel3.1104412070-475.37
J Stanley2.020000025-134.23
W Weathers1.021111126-145.64
WP: J Ballinger
Batters faced: J Ballinger 19; C Schlagel 20; J Stanley 7; W Weathers 6
Ground Balls-Fly Balls: J Ballinger 6-1; C Schlagel 1-6; J Stanley 3-2; W Weathers 0-2
Scoring Summary
1stD Ackley singled to center, B Bunting scored.10
2ndD Ackley doubled to left center, S Baldwin scored, B Bunting to third.20
3rdS Baldwin singled to center, R Graepel scored, M Cavasinni to third.30
3rdB Bunting singled to center, M Cavasinni and S Baldwin scored, B Bunting to second advancing on play.50
3rdD Ackley singled to left, B Bunting scored.60
4thR Graepel singled to left, M Fleury and G Gore scored.80
4thB Vollmuth homered to left, C Stevens and M Ewing scored.83
7thK Seager singled to right, B Bunting scored, D Ackley to third.93
7thM Fleury hit sacrifice fly to right, D Ackley scored, K Seager to second.103
8thB Dozier safe at second on throwing error by shortstop R Graepel, J Archer scored.104
9thK Seager homered to right center.114
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