Shift started massive I-A changes

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The addition of Miami and Virginia Tech
to the Atlantic Coast Conference is official, with both schools joining the conference on Thursday.

After a lot of angry debate, the conference eventually announced
that Boston College would join as the ACC's 12th member in 2005 --
allowing the league the ACC to divide into divisions for
football. That means a lucrative championship game, which is
projected to produce $6 million in extra revenue.

ACC commissioner John Swofford disputes the idea that the
league acted like a corporate raider in swiping Miami, Virginia
Tech and Boston College from the Big East.

But the rippling consequences of that push have been felt in
conferences across the country. Over the next two seasons, about 20
percent of the 117 Division I-A football schools will be changing
leagues. The domino effects of ACC expansion will be felt as far
west as New Mexico, where New Mexico State is shifting from the Sun
Belt Conference to the Western Athletic Conference.