School embraces nickname and history

PITTSBURGH, Pa. -- Pitt is back.

The University of Pittsburgh is once again embracing its more
informal name, unveiling a new logo Thursday that includes the
block-letter, navy blue and gold "Pitt" that is reminiscent of
the logo the Panthers wore as early as the 1920s.

The school's 19 teams had a script-letter Pitt logo from 1973 to
1996. In 1997, the school began using "Pittsburgh" on its
uniforms and logos.

"Even when it was de-emphasized, the Pitt moniker never left
the consciousness of our fans," athletic director Jeff Long said
in a statement. "I recall saying upon my appointment as athletic
director that I believe there are appropriate times to be
recognized as 'University of Pittsburgh' and other times when we
want to be recognized as 'Pitt."'