School makes subtle changes

BOULDER, Colo. -- Ralphie is getting a facelift, and like most good ones, the differences will be subtle -- in fact, barely
noticeable to the casual observer.

The University of Colorado announced changes Tuesday to its venerable logo, Ralphie the Buffalo, along with other minor tweaks to the football, basketball and volleyball uniforms to make things look more -- well -- uniform.

Helped by its apparel supplier, Nike, the school unveiled the
changes in front of an audience of about 250 boosters, coaches,
players and athletic department employees.

They labeled the shindig an "Identity Unveiling," although to
all but those most familiar with the CU logo, it will be difficult
to tell how the identity really changed.

The interlocked "CU" emblem that fits inside the image of a buffalo has been tilted and streamlined a bit, and the buffalo itself is tilted slightly to the right "to give at an 'in-motion' appearance," according to the school news release.