NCAA plans summer drug tests for Division I athletes

4/4/2006 - College Football

The NCAA plans to conduct drug testing on Division I athletes this summer, according to a report in The NCAA News.

The NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports reportedly wants the focus this year on football and baseball players, but any Division I athlete could be subject to testing.

"This has been coming for some time," Mary Wilfert, the NCAA's associate director of education outreach and staff liaison to the committee, was quoted as saying in the report. "We've previously been hesitant to test into the summer months, because of concerns about extending student-athletes' participation in a sport beyond a traditional season and also logistical considerations.

"But the reality is that student-athletes don't take the summer off."

The NCAA News reported that testing probably will occur even if athletes are not on campus, meaning tests could take place at homes, jobs or other locations.

Wilfert said that NCAA rules allow for testing at any time of the year, and athletes sign forms that tell them a test can take place from the beginning of the academic year through Aug. 31 of the following year.